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22 here at wtmj doug russell with you it is the final hour of sports central thanks much to richard deitz from sports illustrated for joining us in the first segment of the program wanna change years in talks in college basketball right now the wisconsin badgers they are not headed to the ncaa tournament but again dave there's an entire generation of wisconsin sports fans and many of the students at the university of wisconsin that don't know and certainly don't remember why wisconsin not going to the nc aa tournament is likening their run of success has been nothing short of unprecedented remarkable incredible this year they taken a step back injuries have taken their toll certainly from last year's sweet sixteen coulda maybe should have been in the league eighteen but when he graduate four players ahead as much playing time is before that they graduated if you're going to take a step back certainly and they have and you hope that it's nothing more than just kind of a bump in the road of blood which happens to every team no matter if it's north carolina or do i mean even the blue blunts take a step back occasionally so this is wisconsin's turn we hope to just take a step back and then regroup and then move forward now let's talk about the marquette golden eagles for a second as well six and eight in conference this season 15 and eleven overall barring something completely unforeseen they're not going to the nc aa tournament you look at the big east that you now i mean they've got your winds deger's issuing villanova's on an obvious and without setting goes without saying nice win by market over creighton over the weekend but the blue jays therein the tournament providence probably in butler close seton hall in the conversation but poor ol' lee probably not but may marquette unless they go on some incredible run in the tournament they're going to be on the outside looking in now if you look at the their chadrel uh the rest of the way that there aren't that many games lat wednesday at home against st john's then they have to travel to to paul the take on uh you know perpetually horrible blue date bleeding and steam and then they travel to georgetown before wrapping up the season at.

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