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Dj How you doing. Great, how're you doing great I love the I. Really Do love that steam punk lamp behind you and you were talking about that. That's that's cool stuff. Now, it does that like a theme have you done that throughout your entire house or is that just like one particular piece? It is well, I have that piece and then you can't see it. But over here, my shelving kind of follows that theme so. Just trying to trying to soup up the office a little bit for the work from home will. The new home for sheriff's right. So have you been able to get out any camping or fishing or any outdoor activities? Yeah. Yeah. I've been able to get out. So kind broke from quarantine a couple times to get away. So did a camping trip have have a little bit of property fortunate enough to up in North Carolina. Mountain Smoky Mountains. So got to get out and and taken some nature which is always good and then actually last week in the family went down to Navarre, beach and got to get out in the ocean and do some fishing and and play in the sand which was awesome. Family needed a a respite from the quarantine. So it was good really good to get out. When the kids just get super excited to go go to target. Or Costco. You know it's time to take him. Exactly now, did you do deep sea fishing out there or fly fishing or what he's doing? Yeah. So we were fishing surf SOM- caught some black-tailed course catch and release always let fish go. And that was really exciting. People are always shocked and amazed. Oh, where did you catch that? It was great on the shore like where people swim. Sharks there too. So there there are bigger they you know. My brother-in-law caught one that was doing the fishermen thing about you know round that big. So pretty decent size I take off the to- yeah. Yeah. But they're they're they're pretty benign sharks. They're pretty friendly to kind of keep to themselves and then we did actually get out and do some deep sea fishing caught some red snapper. Fish and and things like that. So that was really close. We did a little six hour expedition out into the Gulf Oh that's a pretty a pretty long long one six hours. Yeah. Yeah. It was good. I took my daughter's deep sea fishing. We fish off Costa. Santa. Cruz. And usually go fishing for link cod or depending on the day maybe salmon it just depends. And my youngest daughter. She had just dropped the hook and and she's kind of releasing it and she's counting how many seconds for. Down she goes is the very first time fishing. Any kind of fishing she goes I got got one I'm like you probably caught like a fisherman next to you or a piece of coral. But sure enough she did and she had a fish and she was like she's real it entries doing the whole thing I'm just letting go and all of a sudden. It just goes slack. And she's like Oh and I go I go sometimes you know the fish will break the line or maybe didn't have it all the way it got free She she feels it in and all she has is the head of the Salmon Happens it wasn't sharks there, but we have a lot of sea lions and. SMART, enough to know..

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