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In a have a few of their dinner few death for people are jumping off avocado falls which is about one hundred and ten feet and then also going over are looney falls which one hundred ninety six feet which is higher than niagara and um you know there are there are people capable of divy so there have been deaths like that there's been a lot of waterfall deaths and how this series there were various swimming under i'm going over the top and so on and so on it's the tall and kind of uh what we call the freak accidents kind of even though some of them are not accidents we call it freak accidents uh the base jump big thing uh there have been several based jumper them wing suit deaths it's extremely dangerous sport with a high probably the highest mortality rate of any outdoor activity period is our wing suit base jumping and other than only a few in the grand canyon bizarre an ally and a few in the assembly as well so it's not it's not big there but in the in the immediate environment surrounding grand can in there are some um areas of the police uh other kenyans that are not very far from grand canyon national park itself that are uh favored by ring sued based jumpers and there've been potala these there it's it's uh it's a growing uh problem because he dreamt on level is so extreme that you really have to be an addict bite based jumping produces attic and it and uh then at least a hundred deaths but i know of in the united states from based jumpy anyway that's what i know a wildcard line suzy inhabit california hey suzy you are i thank you for taking my call i um took a job in the grand canyon and nineteen seventy six when i was 17 years old while what a place we went there is a couple of my boyfriend and.

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