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Mignot ler the country currently in a constitutional. Yes. It's a constitutional crisis. Okay. Constitutional prices. He's no longer a hypothetical country is in a constitutional crisis. The official Trump constitutional crisis, folks. Eight constitutional crisis door. Number two. You have a constitutional crisis. Never wonder what a constitutional crisis looks like real total end of democracy. Lopin your is at this is a constitutional crisis. How can Democrats not move forward with impeachment hearings? We have the option of impeachment. And we think this is a constitutional crisis starting proceedings. Why not pursue impeachment? Why are you resisting? Some people would argue we've been in constitutional crisis, since Donald Trump was elected president. Right. Joining us now to discuss Jonathan Gilliam former FBI agent, federal air Marshall, author of sheep, no more, Danielle McLaughlin. Attorney constitutional expert Daniel, you're a democrat, right? Well on the liberal on a liberal liberal. Okay. So do you realize that the media, the ninety nine percent of the media that we're going with this Russia hoax, conspiracy theory all the lying that they've done the last two years? We've had four separate investigations that say, no consp- conspiracy. No collusion. No, obstruction nothing. But and they don't they got nothing right for two years. They support your liberal views. Why, why should anyone ever trust these people? Again. They got an enormous in that bright. Hey, Sean, hey, Jonathan, you know, obviously, there was no connection made and all report between Russia's if it's in the Trump campaign, although they were pointless, quite clear that Russia, try very hard. And the campaign was open to it. But to your point no conspiracy, and obstruction their team at Shiprock points teams put into we found possible. Obstruction helix Tacoma's to figure out with that was actually something that rose. The Koran I think the reporting has been pretty good. Honestly. You think the reporting has been good as it relates to the Muller investigation? I think it's actually so much report that wasn't a surprise. Is there any? No, no, no. They have been a suring us forever that this president is guilty. And it came four separate times. Just the opposite of proven true. And they had their hopes their dreams their fantasies their desires shattered, when the mullahs report didn't give them what they want Jonathan I mean I ninety nine point nine percent. They just purposefully lied. That's all they did is li- day in and day out every second minute hour of every twenty four hour day of every seven day week and month for two years. Sean first off, I want to congratulate Danielle because she's finally saying that she's a liberal and does not identify a democrat, and I think that's a hugely Ford. I think more people that are on the left should do that. And I think this. The actual subject that you're speaking about would actually start to make more sense to all these people out there that say they're Democrats because reality is Sean, you're, you're right. I'm going to be giving a speech later today in Wayne County, Michigan at the Republican committee there and I'm going to be talking about the fog of war, and even the fog of war doesn't only exist in war and war isn't just something that where you use guns and bullets propaganda and subversion are warfare. And what we're seeing with the media and with molar, and with Komi and was struck in page and McCabe. And all these people are subversive tactics and spying on a president to subversive tactic and misrepresenting, the facts and myths reporting the facts is a subversive propaganda tactic of warfare. And I think the majority of people that say they're Democrats or. Or identifies being liberal, if they see the reality of what's happening. They're going to start to see that they have been under a mist of lies that are just shallow enough that they don't question. And that's what's happening here there. No. I I've got four examples here of reporting that was born out in the mouth reports. The first is to come town meeting. We Russians al-fayed Jared Kushner and others do on Hillary Clinton. That was number one. Number two, the statement on Air Force One. See that was about a Dopp Shen and it wasn't upset Doma gone the reporting about the gun and being asked offers to council. Okay, was there any was there any collusion with Russia, to disrupt our election or electoral process? Was there any obstruction of Justice determined? Well, the report on the no no, you don't get to say and I can quit him. You don't you don't get to say that there's obstruction. When the attorney general, the office of legal counsel, the deputy attorney general who appointed baller when they all say doesn't rise to any level that would warrant any type of charge of obstruction of Justice. Now, the next question you, you care about obstruction of Justice. Do you think Hillary of struck the Justice when she deleted, subpoenaed emails, and she bleed bleach bit clean the hard drive and had devices? Plus it up and remove sim cards. You think that was obstruction of Justice your? Lawyer that was that was investigated that was investigated was founded. It didn't riceville evil and do you believe you believe? But do you believe that was a rigged investigation, because Peter Struck says, oh, under closed door. Testimony. Lisa. Paid says it was rigged, they laugh about it. They all said that Loretta Lynch tarmac Bill Clinton Lynch, and it's a matter, not a not a investigation that there was no way they said that she was ever going to do a real investigation. Now, did we find top secret and classified information on that private server and a mom and shop bathroom closet, is that true has that been confirmed a handful of classified documents that were seek people with clear, choose me? Use me is that legal to have any top secret classified? So it's illegal, so she committed a crime. We go over this week after week show. No, on the asking did she committed a crime by having top secret and classified information on a private server? Getting says simple yes or no question. No, according to be, I, I'm not asking according did. She is it against the law to have top secret classified information on a private server. It's it's can show. Okay. Circumstantial, that's hard evidence. We found classify. Wait a minute. We found classified top secret information on the server in the bathroom closet. Yes or no? They will handful of Email CPS forgetting, how many there were top secret and classified them, more classified on the server, correct. Well, there were helpful. See on my gosh. They on that private server in the closet. Yes or no? They were okay. The espionage act, eighteen USC, seven ninety three says that that is a crime a felony. Correct or not. Correct. I don't have the statute in front of me show on the FBI investigated. You'll giving these spin since people have not been prosecuted. It's cold description. Do you what do you think if I deleted subpoenaed emails, thirty three thousand of them subpoenaed? And I cleaned up my server the way she did a bleach bit. And I busted up the devices removed sim cards what I'd be arrested. She deleted personal amounts that would not subject to the. No. That's true. You king. That's not true. What you're saying. They once they found they found some of them in Anthony Weiner, is laptop, and they weren't classified and top secret. They weren't destroyed. That's called. There's an intention there. It's to destroy the evidence Jonathan in this what we need to guard against. And this is what I would I would, you know, re we'd like to hear Danielle guard against and, and a lot of the other liberals that are in media is that you cannot go when you seen investigative groups such as the molar group that is. Is who lyrically charged to the level that they were you recruited far left immigrants? The people at the top of the bureau are far left, I don't even want to call them Democrats. They're just far less socialist firs. I'm concerned communists, even when we have investigator group like that you have to question everything that they have said and done. And when we look at what the Clintons did in the totality of the circumstances. We look at people actually committing felonies espionage. I believe collusion themselves with the Russians when they send somebody out to go build a dossier and communicate with Russians to gather and create fake evidence. These are things that we need to look at. When you compare that to the stuff that they evidence that they brought up in the charges that they tried to bring up against the trumps, including Donald Trump junior, and general Flynn and the rest of these individuals in the Trump campaign. It even measure up, there was nothing that they could prove that they. Did because they were trying to create it as they go along. And that's the difference if we had a real if far does what he says he's gonna do. It's an open and shut case, Sean, and Daniel hope you see that because it is literally committed felony have evidence charge them. That's is, is far of a stretch as to be when it comes with the Clintons and the rest of these leftists on the democratic side have done in covered up as far as I'm concerned. All right, quick break more with the ever frustrating Danielle McLaughlin and Jonathan Gillam as we continue on me Horowitz at the bottom of the hour. Hey, listen. You know, my friends at the USCCA,.

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