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Cold. Well, are only going to be in the mid thirties on Saturday as well. As on Sunday Sunday. We'll see a lot more sunshine. No ribka expects one to three inches. Total accumulation to people are in custody after a deadly shooting in the town of wetland rusty Mellberg has more in the WTMJ breaking news center. Melissa Kenosha county. Sheriff David Beth says two suspects kicked in the door of a house and opened fire. One man was killed the suspects were taken to a BP gas station. In paddock lake that says they're looking for black sedan. They were riding in. They were able to pull up at least partial video last night quickly to come up and see what they had at the station, and they do have video of the of the vehicle to try and get different camera angles to get the license plate, get descriptions of the people. So part of the things we're hoping for is the two people were to come forward and say we'd like to talk to them and see what they know about the situation. Best says, they don't believe the shooting was random and does not believe there is a danger to the general public. It's been six months since fire completely devastated. A church in downtown, Milwaukee trinity. Evangelical Lutheran church Reverend Ed may. Tells WTMJ's Melissa barklay it's been quite a process getting things cleaned up. Standing back, then it was hard to visualize exactly where we would be and where we'd want to be in six months or eight months and so forth, but we're we're content for patient. You can hear Melissa's complete interview. Coming up with Reverend may at four thirty and Wisconsin's afternoon near gold losing to the Seahawks last night twenty seven twenty four WTMJ's. Greg Matic has the lowdown on how the injuries are piling up. It's not good. Melissa packers. Fear tight end Jimmy Graham, suffered a broken thumb during last night's loss of Seattle Seahawks. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy would not confirm the severity of the injury about an hour ago. Graham was one of four starters to exit the game with an injury. For other starters didn't even make the trip to Seattle. We'll have more sports coming up at three fifteen up next a special offer for a brewers outfielder WTMJ news time three.

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