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Mega this show. Brian Alvarez here. Wrestling observer live. No Mike Semper V today what a day for him to be gone. He is at his son's son's graduation. I believe fifth grade or something like that. He's not graduating high school. But anyway, we are here today. And if you are listening to this live. Yes, we are going over the telephone like the old the old wrestling observer hotline in the nineties. But what a great time to plug wrestling observer dot com because if you are a subscriber to wrestling, observer dot com, the replay of the show that's going to go up at the normal time immediately after the show goes off the air, we'll be pristine. So if you want the high quality HD version of this program, you'll be able to check it out at wrestling, observer dot com. As soon as this show is over, and I believe the replay that's coming up at five Pacific, eight eastern, we'll be pristine as well. So we apologize for the technical difficulties, we'll get working as soon as we can, and for now if you want to give us a call eight four four four eleven. Five four eleven is the phone number that is toll free. Eight four four four eleven five four eleven text messages for two five seven eight zero seven five six six. Let's go to the phones. You're on the air. What is going on? Brian was Brad from Chicago. How are you what's happening? I, I wanted to talk for a second about their in Corbin. I just the thing about nothing, they'd like to talk about more. Here's the thing, I like Barron, Corbin. I'm a fan of Barron Corbin, I've been following him since an x t I liked his lone wolf character I liked when he debuted on the main roster. I thought his run is US champ on MAC down was with a pretty well booked run. He beat AJ clean with the end of days. And I think that they're really really ruining something that had a lot of potential for him this GM character. The fact that he's still coming out in the best and stuff, like I don't know how far ahead they plan this wildcard rule where now it's just the main of is on both shows. They didn't plan it. Right. It's just the main event is on both shows. But if he had gotten switched to smackdown had gotten a character refresh. He's not a bad wrestler. His finishers, really cool. His entrances good. His promos have gotten better. But him Lashley there's a bunch of guys that it just feels like they had real chance to push them from a B plus to like an a minus earn a and they did nothing. And now we've got the wild card rule. So it's just the main eventers on both shows all the time. Well, let me give you my thoughts on. Barren corbin. I don't disagree with with some of what you said. I mean, here's a reality in my opinion on barren Corbin. I know people think that I hate in corporate, but I don't hate Ben Corbett. I hate seeing to burn Corbin matches one of which is a main event on raw, but the deal is, this burn Corbin is a pretty good wrestler. He's not a great wrestler. He's also not terrible. He's, he's not, for example, like Billy K like he can go in there. And with the right guy. I mean, they can have a good match, but they're not going to have a great match and it actually reminds me, here's a segue for you moments ago. Breaking news ginger Mahal won the twenty four seven title with a pin fall over our truth on the tarmac at the airport. Now, title may have changed back already. I don't know. But they they did a title change there. And the reason I segue into that is because it reminds me. Of ginger Mahal, Jim Hall was a guy who was an average promo, and he was an average maybe slightly below average wrestler. He was not terrible. So they decided they wanted to make an Indian star. And they made him world champion after he'd been literally rehired to be a high-profile jobber, and he won one single match before winning the title after being literally a jobber for like six to eight months. Okay. So they make him the champion, I guess they figured that, like we make the guy the champion that we push him in like you'll get over his champion that doesn't work. It does not work in twenty eighteen twenty nineteen twenty seventeen when everyone the title. So the thing the thing with ginger was he was not in. He was not ready to be a main event her. He was not ready to be a champion. And when the whole experiment ended like he's right back to being a jobber again. And maybe he could. Have been more, but they rushed a new position he was not ready for. And he, he, he will probably never recover from it now with Darin Corbin it's it's very much. The same thing, Barron. Corbin is a tall guy. He's a good looking guy. He's a he's a good promo in the sense that he understands. And he is able to be extraordinarily annoying when he cuts promos. He's not a guy where like when he cuts promos, you like wanna see him wrestle. He's not a guy where when he cuts promos, like, he's, he's causing people to buy tickets for stomping grounds. But I mean, not a lot of guys are but he can deliver lines and he can get the people to boo. And the company likes that. And so that's a feather in his cap. He is an athletic guy and is noted he can have fine matches, but he's he cannot have blow away matches. The point of all of this is there is a, there is a place for Barron. Corbin. In the upper mid card, he'd be a fine upper mid card guy. Maybe feeding over the US title, but they're, they're desperately trying to put him in the position of a main event. He'll. Not everybody can be a main of enter and baron Corbin is not a main event. He'll he is an upper mid card. He'll and they're putting him in a position that he is not ready. And like the viewers are telling you that, like they don't want to see him in that position. It's not like they don't ever want to see baron Corbin. I mean, I'm sure some of them don't because he'd been shoved down their throats of main inventor, but there was a place for him where he could have grown into a main event. But because they've shoved him into this position. Now it's disaster on top of that. They have been an outfit that is impossible to take him. Seriously as a main event. I realized Kane did it, but nobody took him seriously as a main of either. It was a guy that fit into the role and you could do stuff with him. But he was not a main offender. So they got a stupid outfit for him. They've got him in a position, he's not ready for, and it's he's not a worker in the ring that caliber, it's just not gonna work, and that's it. So I don't I don't necessary. We need the guy to like never be on my TV. Again. I mean, I kind of feel that way, sometimes, but he's just been pushed way too hard, given his level of ability, and that's it. That's the story of Barron. Corbin. Prisoners says your hatred of Billy Kay is hilarious. And I have to admit you sink Corbin is good is praise. Remember when you Dave would nearly bury him completely. I'm not a fan of all baron, but glad to see the improvements. He has may be recognized, yes he's better. But he's not a main Aventure period. And so when you put him in that position it's a mistake. And no, my I don't hate Billy K. But Billy Kay is the worst wrestler in Dublin me and I challenge you to find me. Somebody who is a worse wrestler than Billy K. Because you won't you're welcome to try. I'm not trying to be a jerk here. I'm trying to be an honest person who's who's evaluating the talents of everybody in the company it in the ring, there is nobody worse than Billy k it doesn't mean I don't think she's a nice person. It doesn't mean that I think that she should be fired. I'm merely pointing something out. Although I will say that, like the idea that you're women's take team titles in the middle of a women's. Evolution that you have promoted and try to make it to a big deal. New headline wrestlemainia with women, your women's take team titles being on one half of the worst like it just doesn't make sense. So there you go. Should I expect g one Dallas to finally get some buzz with mocks is the US champ? I think so I would be stunned, if he wasn't there, I expect him to be in the g one, I would expect him to be announced, as having a big G one match for that show at the American Airlines arena, but. It has been announced yet. So I guess we'll, we'll find out I says land said, I think Brock is going to swerve assault cashing in on Kofi to become the champion. This would send him over to smackdown and geared the show of fucks. Well, they don't need to send mismatch down because there's a wildcard rule. So he doesn't need to win the smackdown titled be on smackdown if they want them on smackdown. He's just gonna be on smackdown. Yes, they could do that. I think it would be dumb. I think if he's going to cash any should cash in on Seth Rollins or horrifically if baron Corbin beats Seth Rollins and leads, or then cashes in on Bearn and Windsor title. And that may be what they do because then you've got like some heat in the sense that he won the title, but didn't pinch Seth so he can do Brooklyn's, or Seth Rollins rematches and Barron. Corbin's got something to cry about because the first time he got the money in the Bank briefcase he failed in the cash in. And then when he finally won the title somebody cashed in on him. So that does make. Sense. But if you're if you're trying to figure out where things are going based on what makes sense. I mean don't bother. It's not going to happen. This person here says for self. Yes. Jinnah rolled-up truth to win the twenty four seven title, and also notes that as early this morning, EC, wwl wrestling, America's oldest Indy promotions has gone on hiatus, which is, which is sad news. An interesting news because the, the Indies are doing extraordinarily well nowadays, and obviously, that's going to change a little bit with a w signing everybody up and w e and ring of honor, and everybody else. But I'll be interesting to see what happened with these CWA squiggly, go to the phones. You're on the air. What's going on? Hey, what's going on, buddy? How you doing very well. First off. I just like to say, f Marco spot news, the garbage family, the Trojans, but they tried to do the other night falling. Second of all, like to talk about Saudi Arabia. Where are you on the last presser? I didn't listen to it. You know, an expe- pressure, I was not. Okay. So, so if these guys you know they want to be journalists as opposed to talking about a work sport. Why doesn't anyone asked AAA Che if it was biggie? And Kofi they wouldn't have let come you know, would you still be running your show and Saudi Arabia as opposed to, you know, just, you know, why didn't they win step up and be a real journalist on their well, I've been answered this after the break going to thank you very much for the call back in a moment. Wrestling, observer live Friday.

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