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Free quickly Jason gives fields and then you'll very palace boom yet palace fight to six a home draw eleven to forum format Linda to four top format. We're awful against the minute. Spurs us last week. If you look took a good start to the season over it. And just went off the last twenty five games in the league to be sixteen table, two points ahead a card of tree points ahead of brain four points, head of Fulham. That's hope outboard of being haven't been held by injuries. Boy, again, that'd be factored to be missing Brooks. And Gosling and a fair few water force team regulars as well for this camp. So I know policy of hut. The second worse home record in the league only four wins in eighteen just think palace five to six just given hope out warm and have been. Daba? I'll tell you what as owed harmful has been crappy shipped. But only five teams of conceded fewer home goals than us, miss Johns is a lot of the time and people. We come thing that they want to plan. The and I'm sure they do. But you know, if they would have had a stroke that just put away over the challenge is ever striker until John came back and bet Schweik I'm in January. I think the boom of north team that sit back anyways. So I'm always cooperate. He's about Crystal Palace shade of song. I mean, you look at the Spurs were absolutely smashed off the booze to beat boom. If I'm pretty sure they would have done so convincingly even with ten men they were favorites. And I when it was down to nine men Bouma for ownersh just about shaded votes on so markets clearly against them at the moment. I mean, the goalkeeper did very well. But if you go him that's Simpson at the back is a few Young's is being given the heads at the moment. I mean policy win. James would g think I'm still reluctant about palace odds-on harming I thought maybe the tool Jordan kit should be Chinese you said pilots creating chances all season an been taking more of them. And boom us lost away. Game was a thrill draw at Southampton. Roy in Tripoli went four two four Las wake you up instead of the third functional midfielder it was great fun versus new CASA, which is also they played for both clubs. Jason gives delays starts. Yes. We go Fulham seven to five to draw twelve five and Newcastle. Seventeen ten Mark Sahar? Yeah. Struggling at the moment. Paul. Yeah. Absolutely. Kate, Wisconsin a yeah, I'm sorry. I cut me off what we're gonna do unlivable resultant by they play football clubs. We wait for that. That's the Champions League team and sub Saint in positions. We'll do that for the champion. Okay. But Fillon v Newcastle no game on begin to heavily involved in Solomon, Ron, Don. I go score very impressed with the way that he played against Liverpool. He obviously doesn't play that every week. Or is he he wouldn't be it's West Brom. And then new also, but I can see this one being an entertaining loss round of matches and.

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