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Cockatiels were removed from the home on Avenida day. Los Lobos, these supervisor of the navy seal accused of murdering an ISIS fighter in Iraq is now facing charges as well. Lieutenant Jacob party intends to plead not guilty to all charges partiers accused of failing to report a war crime and destroying evidence in the investigation of special operations chief. Edward gallagher. San Diego neighborhoods are taking a bite out of new dining trend, and it seems to be paying off little Italy's food hall has been named one of the best new food halls for twenty nineteen USA today. Readers voted it the seventh best in the nation right behind the riverside food lab. The little Italy hall opened six months ago it showcases seven different vendors. Several other halls are expected to open around San Diego this year, including in Barrio, Logan, Carlsbad and Sorrento Mesa. Now, here's Bill Holland. He has the latest from Wall Street stocks gave back a three hundred point opening rally that our rates the Tuesday fake news, China talk to climb then after going on hold all closed higher IBM up eight and a half percent of eaten positive guidance after seven years of get money. Proctor and gamble United. Comcast up five percent or so on beach and Chevron worldwide sales showed no worldwide economic slowing AM seven sixty for. Now, here's news as Heather Myers with your micro-climate forecast. Beautiful day across San Diego County that high pressure system is keeping our skies clear and our temperatures slowly, but surely warming up for the rest of this week. We may see winds come back on and off for the next several days low to mid sixty s at the beaches today, mid to upper sixties for the inland valley communities on AM, seven sixty. I'm news as Heather Myers, sunny and sixty two in oceanside. Lebron James moved one step closer to returning for the Lakers today. He did some drills with the team while he's been ruled out of tomorrow night's game against Minnesota. He has not been ruled out of Sunday's game. Here's more Mike Slater coming up AM, seven sixty talk and breaking news. Hey, it's coming up on my show today starting at three we'll get you the latest in the shutdown showdown. The Brentwood herbal show AM seven sixty talking. Breaking news. Gotta see now. I think this is right. This is what I was trying to articulate earlier Pelosi can't face the idea of sitting behind.

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