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Because it in your introduction. You called me. Mike, the Coursey, which means you actually have an idea what my name is as opposed to the guy. I just got off with from another from a national network that called me Mike, the Kersee her fifteen minutes. I'm scaling what do you do in that situation? Do you stop at any point when he keeps saying it? And do you correct them? You just you just let it go. Just roll hold kept saying he was a fan of my work for a long time. And I'm like, okay. Well, you're you're apparently just a fan of my written work. Yes. He loves the power of the pen. He loves what you do with the pen. I'll give you that. I guess. By the way. I love this story about Michigan state earlier in the week and about the seating. I mean, it seemed odd to a lot of us that Michigan state somehow got the draw against Duke. And maybe dukes just as upset thinking what the heck we got a potentially play MSU now in the logic. You pointed out, I mean, the logic seem slightly flawed. You're talking about a difference like one hundred and twenty miles. But somehow the committee thought it was actually doing MSU a favor by seating it in the it doesn't make sense. Does it it's it's the most preposterous thing. And and I said look there and accomplished people in that room. I mean, you don't get to that level without doing some successful work in your career. And how they didn't just say no, look they made a lot of really baffling decisions, and I'll get to somebody others in a minute. But this one was one that was so obvious. You know, they have a thing that they put the name like eight they type in Michigan state, and it puts it up on the wall or up on their screens. And it says, okay, it's five hundred ninety miles of DC at seven hundred ten to Casey. And I don't know what the exact distances are. I mean, it doesn't matter what the the distance to Louisville's closer. But it didn't matter 'cause Tennessee was the head of the line. They already claimed that and then it's like two thousand twenty five hundred or whatever to Anaheim. So it's down to Casey DC right away. Well, okay. So you look at it. And you say we'll obviously I mean DC's closer. But you've already put Duke there. They're a number one overall seed, and it's only a difference of one hundred twenty mile. I mean, there's no one who could logically say that. This is a better situation for Michigan state. There's it's impossible to come to that conclusion and yet ten intelligent people accomplished people came to that conclusion. And that's an and I I was on the phone with a with a, Tom. Although I think I did. Mentioned it to him on the big ten network set on Saturday night Sunday night, the coaches have to get this stopped. And they're the ones with the power to change this emphasis on geography. It. It makes sense if it's okay, you go to thousand miles. Are you go five hundred miles theater that makes sense? But when it's seven ten versus five ninety but it's clear that the the obligation on the committee is to choose the less daunting matchup. And instead they went with the one hundred twenty mile and Mike as much as they tried to downplay it or denying it does feel like a lot of years. They they start looking at potential matchups, and they sort of structure the bracket that way, not I don't know why you wouldn't want is versus coach K potentially in a final four. Maybe for some reason they thought it's even more intriguing in a regional final. I don't know. But the committee while they are tasked with a very difficult job. I get it. They still sort of you could just look at it in the match ups. They sort of looked for the sexy match up a lotta time when they're seating. This thing don't they? I think they do really if you if you see how the bracketing works. They they those things happen more or less by accident. A lot of times. But another example of this. Okay. Everybody thinks that it's so cool that that Richard Patino, and Minnesota are going to play at the school that fired Richard status a year and a half ago and everything that they did that on purpose, and my and my point is if they had any common sense at all relative to their product data seen that on the board. And they would and there is would it play. And they said, yeah, we really want people talking about FBI investigation, and and strippers and all these kinds. That's what we really love the first topic of conversation be when the tournament began. So I keep talking to people who think it's one of those things that that looks like a pool match up or a cool story. But it's not it's an ugly story. It's awful story and the NC double A should not want. That story told in the the amazing thing is that when when the television people saw that they put that on first game over all. And then the second game is LSU in the in their first round game playing and LSU's coach is currently sidelined for lack of a better term. Because it a Yahoo story that revealed that he was on pace discovery this discussing an offer. No one ever really said what the offer was only that the handler of the of the young man in question wanted more. I mean, so we don't know what more wise, but he wanted more. So maybe they're trying to bury those games early. Is that what you're saying? They do want to get it out of the way. They don't want them in. I don't know if you've got to play. I mean, they're in. But you don't you when you make the seven ten as you know, in terms of geography and how the bracket works and you see Louisville's going into Minnesota. You say that game is not happening. If use any common sense at all, which apparently commonsense was in short supply in that room. You say we are not having this game. It's not enlisting play in the final four. It's not happening. We're not setting this up. It's bad PR. It's you know, it's a story. We do not want to Scott, it's bad for the product. Why would we want to showcase bath anything else? You think the committee kind of flubbed? Little things here. And there those are the big ones teams under seated in reality. They did a pretty good job getting the teams on the lines where they belong like I said a little bit here there. But I think that a lot of that had to do with the news to the net rankings which gets teams a little bit more in order of where they belong than the RPI used to European wasn't as bad as people said it was, but it it certainly wasn't the best. They could do. And and this was a great year to get away from it because there are people who still have the RPI calculation out there. And if if the RPI were stealing place Kansas would be the number one team in the country, and the RPI they finished I think third in their conference lost their conference championship game. I think they have seven or eight losses. So it was time for that thing to go away is that because they rely so heavily on strength of schedule. Is that the one metric it's looking at. And that's why that would have been the case. Because I think the Kansas did have one of the most difficult schedules in the country. Yes, always what the F. I always laugh when everybody said, okay. Here's your RPI rank. And here's your spreaker hell ranking. And I'm like, what do you think the European is like seventy five percent of it was your your schedule strength. So it never made any sense to me at all to separate it out. It just you know, it was it was basically being redundant Mike, the Corsi from the from sporting news in from the big ten network is our guest it's carbon and you're going ESPN thousand broad question here, but of all the big ten schools, I won't say, you know, who will do the best. I mean, we could probably all figure Michigan state or Michigan. But how do you think the conference is going to do as a whole? I, unfortunately, I looking at a few of these matchups thinking that teams like Marilyn Purdue maybe Wisconsin could get bounced early. How do you think the conference is gonna do? Yeah. I don't I don't expect greatness from anyone other than possibly Purdue. Michigan. Michigan state. I I think Maryland has a chance. Because one they're really talented. I mean, Jalen Smith is very gifted and Bruno Fernando is very gifted and their young wings are very talented. But they haven't gotten good point guard played from Anthony Cowan in a while. I don't know the exact date when it started to go sideways, but he hasn't played well in a while and Smith excellences muted, and and Fernando's isn't because he gets off the offense aboard. But the the the wings aren't getting the kind of shop they were in January. So if Anthony Collins stepped up his play, he's really capable not asking him to do anything. He's not capable of doing. If he stepped up his play Maryland could make the Sweet Sixteen they certainly are capable of winning their first round game six playing eleven and then in the second round presumably would play LSU, which is really tales it also as I mentioned before playing without its head coach. So I think they have a chance producing a good bracket for them. Not overwhelming talent around. I think they have a very good chance to at least get to the Sweet Sixteen and and play a terrific Tennessee team for a chance at the elite eight and then the two Michigan's are fine. But I I think the big ten it, drew some tough tough circumstances that I looked at Wisconsin as a team that I thought to go away, and if they get through the first game, I think they can. But I I don't like the idea honestly that they wound up with a great coach on the other band. Because you you need a great coach to figure Wisconsin out for you have to play them a hundred times like in the big ten and most of the coaches in the big ten I'm not saying, they're not great. But they they they have an idea because they've done it so many times, but when you see him fresh, it's like, okay. What do we do with these guys? And somebody is gifted as Dana Altman is going to have an idea some of the other coaches in the tournament. Maybe wouldn't have had as good a handle on excellent point Mike enjoy the tournament. We appreciate the time, buddy. Okay. Thanks. The course at TSN, Mike on Twitter, big ten network and sporting news. I start lining up. Should we give away five teams next Merkley think? Now, let's do more than that. Let's do we have four different. I would start with five five. We'll do five coming up next for our final four contests. All right. I five let's do this. Let's do callers two four six.

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