Josh Rosen, Manning, Josh Freeman discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


On the field and and all that stuff he'd be great but i think there'd be something to play with ally manning for two years that would be great for any of those guys if i were giant's it could get josh rosen in with ally manning for for two years i would absolutely love that if i were giant's fan well a couple of things you just said i wanna i want to expound upon a couple minutes left with you peter king of the qb let's take the jim mora stuff he's coming on this show on thursday i heard him on dan show before that he was on the nfl network he's been on path to draft all week he said that this stuff has been misconstrued that he has been as positive about this kid that he loves him and that a lot of this stuff is being spun you spoke to him did you when you spoke with them get the sense that he had some reservations about josh rosen being professional quarterback of franchise note i would say the only reservation that i sent from him is whether he was going to be absolutely totally a hundred percent all in you know because he's got a lot of other things in his life that he likes that he likes to do you know when i bring up josh freeman okay josh freeman failed in tampa for a lot of reasons for most of which was that he didn't wanna work on tuesdays during the season and you know there's thirty one other quarterbacks did want to work on tuesday not necessarily ten hours but six you know and you just have to do that if your quarterback in the nfl you gotta walk in the building wednesday and i have a good idea about what the game plan is because you've already been talking about it with your coordinator and quarterback coach but but that's really about the only thing i think that jim more the vast majority of what he told me last sunday was positive on josh rosen that seemed to have gotten law.

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