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Yeah and we were in the van going. We're both it's young white girl so it will be one of US goes to top ten anything. By that point. We were so tired of the reality show aspect. I hope it's you. I always like a good joke for you. I've got closer. You Take my museum. Combine the best of all you know I think also like you know. I think that there's a little bit of a confusion and maybe it's just the scarcity complex thing like you know and I tried to save as much as I can. It's like it doesn't help female comics if other female comics fail or aren't funny. Yes you know so there is a little bit and maybe it's just other people pitting women against each other you know like when I walked in airport someone will come up to me and be like Oh my God I love you and then we'll just list other female comics. They don't think are funny. I I hate female covers like so and so so and you and this wasn't that funny I know through my friend. You're kind of just trashing my friends but I see what you're doing But I I think people are like if a female comic isn't funny then when our specials come up and people don't know who we are they're going to go didn't work out last time like the more. The more everyone succeeds. Yeah you know what I mean. So it's like it's sort of a weird thing to be competitive about it. It's just like mathematically wrong. Yeah people will give my special a chance. Not Knowing Him. Yeah because they watched you or if you like this also watch this. Yeah everybody helps everybody you know and it's just it's it's it's so interesting to me. I never know if it's sort of the kind of personality that would sign up to do. Such A. Savage job is just going to have to be a savage person or what it is exactly. Yeah I mean I feel like being like a White Guy in your thirties right now. The competition isn't that that's like the hardest thing I may ask. Us sitting It was at the Improv with Sarah Silverman. This must have been like. I don't like six months ago back when we were alleged outside And we were watching some guy. I don't know who it was. It was like I don't even think I knew him but He was on stage. It's like a white guy talking about his family or something and Sarah legitimate like this is actually really funny like when it's not all of them like I actually really enjoy that like it's real. It's refreshing to hear this point of view. It's not the only point of view. Yeah yeah that's the idea is to make everybody's point of view refreshing. Yeah because everybody's getting a minute. Yeah it's been interesting. Do you find that Guys you know. I'll just say that I do that. Sometimes guys will come up to me and the big look. My girlfriend loves you. I don't know you but my girlfriend thinks you're hilarious. Can we get a picture? And I'm like you're allowed to think girls funny. Yeah you can like me right. You don't have to say it's your girlfriend. Yeah do you think he McGee mostly men or women when you look out by? I got a guy at her. Was I think it was the Brea Improv? This was like a year ago. Maybe maybe a little less and a guy came up to me with his girlfriend. He goes look. I hate female comedians. Here we go here. She made me come back. Takes out a small bottle of fireball and he goes. I brought this to get drunk because I thought you were gonNA suck. I'm and he goes. You were great. I didn't even open it. I was like I don't know how to feel because on the one hand all thank you my first. Is I win. Would you like a photo? Yes I also also tag me. I'll take what I can. I know to admit something like that is pretty nuts. I know he wants points for that. He thinks you're GONNA go lake. We got one. Everybody got us going to ring a bell like he like. We got a donation or so many opportunities for him to turn around and non do that. So many times I WanNa talk about your progress. Because it's about self help mostly right. It is about south. Hope Yeah I want to see if there's any I can help you with. Oh my gosh. There's so much you can help me with twenty six. I mean I was unconscious. Really seem very clear. Thank you so much aware honestly and this is maybe a little more but my mom died when she was thirty four and I laugh at things fuck. I should've told you okay so you can't say that things to me because I start laughing. That's totally fine. People laughing at me. No but it's it's good. It's like I might have to go for a walk. Oh really yeah like so sad thing. That made me laugh uncontrollably. Oh I'm sorry. It's like an emotional dyslexia. Can I get real no? I wasn't ready kidding. I was alive so thank God. Thank God you're just about delighted. Dream wants A. My mom died at thirty four and I am cheated with your mom. Is that story? Okay sorry I think I just have always expected and maybe you. I don't know this might not be a dead parenting. This could just be some a workaholic. But I've always felt like I'm running out of time. Yeah Yeah you're talking person probably isn't the right. Thank God. You're having all of your emotional work completely undone by well. I feel like I don't work hard enough. Thank you so you're feeling well my God. I just start through more podcasts. I I always felt like I'm going to be dead at thirty four and I felt like why I've been lucky in this business where I do work hard and I I try to. Yeah deserve what I get but I also every time I get something like I kid. You Not Whitney when this pandemic kit is it a week after my special came out. I was like I knew it. I knew it. I knew something I knew it was going to well And I knew something. Meanwhile so many more people are watching because of it. I hate getting that feedback to where people are. Hey everyone's watching Netflix right now. I think everyone was watching just slower. Are you saying it took a pandemic to get people to watch myself? That's what you're saying. Let seems ran out of things to watch. Yeah that sounds like something going. Well he's not GonNa Cheat on. You can't but yeah. I think I've just always felt like I don't have enough time to be unconscious like I never felt like I could party. Yeah hanging out drank anything like I don't have time to have my life fall apart and then put myself back together. I have to be together because I'm going to be dead very soon because your mom died. It's Oh it's luck. My Dad's dead which is also by laughing. Okay now let me. It's when other people tell me something horrible I can't handle. I've always laugh at things that are horrific. It's just my emotional dyslexia. That's you know. I think it's how he's coping mechanisms. How WE COPE? I'm not offended but I wasn't prepared. Okay your mom passed thirty four. How you should be? How could you come in here? An ambush me bad news when you know my brain is broken. So how old were you? Eight okay okay. Yeah yeah so then went through puberty like a year later and it became abundantly. Clear that I was not going to get hot After this tragedy and we're very hot. This is recent this. I'm not even that hot like I think I'm cute but this is like the last few years. What do you mean like I? I was not like your face turned. I don't think I was even in the neighborhood of hot until like three years ago really. Yeah I think you're very hot and not. I'm not a consensus. I feel like a vixen really hot. You haven't spoken to anyone in thirteen. I don't consensus voices. Dogs think so. I'm in a lot of contact with a lot of COMEDIANS. And if you don't think we've brought up your but you are sorely mistaken. I know I've I've heard if you think the me too movement made it to comedy. You are wrong loudly. I've heard I've sweetheart. I developed really early and as a kid like I started wearing a sports bra when I was in third grade and so people were commenting on like my boobs and my ass yeah four. They should've been proudly but my face wasn't like killing it up so I just I think I might have been no. I was just like I was this height in fifth grade. Like I was maybe an insurer I just looked fifteen when I was ten and so for me. I didn't want anybody block some. Yeah I didn't want anyone looking at my body in that way because I didn't feel ready for it and you weren't because you weren't I wasn't ready. I didn't feel ready. You weren't ready. I just didn't feel ready. You're ready to be extracted. You Roam shy child but I just didn't. I didn't want anybody looking at me that way. But then you still want to be pretty but then you don't when people comment on specific parts of your body you start to feel like they're like chopping you up. Yes going this bits. Good and you're like me connected to the MIT well. It's also like I'm thinking about what you send him God. It's so weird that she felt the need to be pretty young age. And I'm like oh no we have pageants. We have children in tanning beds. Yeah wearing wet and wild lip gloss like we do sexualize actual children. Yeah and you spend so much time trying to be pretty And then you get into comedy and you go. Oh I have to not be pretty to be good at this and for me when I found comedy was like cool. I don't have to be pretty. I can stop trying to be pretty and just focus on being funny And then once people started making comments like Oh you're just you're not funny. You're just pretty like which I don't get a ton of that but sometimes I did and I was listening. You thank you. I was like mad where I was like. I would get more mad at myself. I mean I got mad at myself a month ago doing today show where I was like you dumb bitch trying to look good when you're just supposed to be funny like You I was so mad because to me it was like I still feel like sometimes you can be both but your first priority has to be funny and so I think for me becoming a comedian was like a relief of like I found. It's like when you were a kid. And they go. You know you're not that pretty but you have a great personality like something. Yeah and you meet someone with a great personality who's also very symmetrical and you're like some people just give. It doesn't seem at all so like once they have depression. Thank God and then once I started doing Santa. Bows like cool? I'm just going to be funny. I don't need to. I will make up for my looks. This way By being really. And then your genetics kicked in and you had hot. I guess you're very like Jenna Pot. Thank you so much. That is what works. Best on me. You're very It's not who is it. Like not betty page whose it's You've got very like fifties pinup hot. Oh thank you betty. Betty Davis I don't know see. I'm not that old. Benny pages like Betty. Pairing was a pinup girl this X. Really fascinating to me. I'm I'm obsessed with Women that were sex symbols. That knew they shouldn't be photographed. After a certain time and just kind of disappeared So Betty page also had he. Lamar did the same thing. Betty page at like thirty five moved to Florida in doesn't allow any photos to be taken of her. She's like I wanted to be remembered that way. Is She still alive? Don't know that's that's I mean. That's a perfect example of. How well she did that. We're like is she still alive. We don't know deceased died in two thousand eight but the last pictures of her when she was like thirty five. I think I like I've expired. And never let any photos be taken her. I think I watched a movie about her And I genuinely thought she died young. That was her plan. She wanted to Bloomberg Erie and weird. She knew she's like I know my value. And I WANNA be immortalized this way..

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