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Cott along the shoreline of course until four o'clock this afternoon lingering areas of snow ending this morning then partly to mostly cloudy and there is a chance for a wet snow rain shower sometime this afternoon windy the highs near forty four and tonight partly cloudy lows near twenty nine and tomorrow partly cloudy breezy and chilly as snow shower possible the highs near forty three degrees and right now we got the weather's field at thirty four waterbury at thirty three and hartford and enfield at thirty four degrees by the way i don't know how many of you are up yet but i want to ask you to do me a favor this morning if you would i want you to ring up channels free you know just pushing like you're calling him and just tell him that brad davis thanks him and wishes him the very very best on the weather okay could you could you do that for me any of you out there are ready to do it i would appreciate it a call to scott haney telling him that we appreciate all of this really bad weather that we were supposed to get and i thank you very very much for doing it okay it is nine minutes after the hour a five o'clock in the morning and are you ready to officially start the broadcast he.

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