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With leg. Our destination is under South Home, a mostly freshman dorm on the campus of Colorado College, a small liberal arts school in Colorado Springs. Andrea Bruder, a math professor is leading our journey wastewater and poop their new to her team. In normal life. We work on a project studying a predator prey system ofthe ladybugs and a foods. She's now turned her attention to waste water because the virus shows up in poop before an infected person has symptoms. And even if they never get symptoms, you could be one of the access points to the building. Right here on brute er points to a little door on the side of the brick building with a lot. Her leading down to a tunnel way. Follow Bruder down the ladder, and you just sort of step over all those pipes right there on our mission was to collect enough wastewater from those pipes. To search it for traces of the virus. It's pretty dark, but surprisingly,.

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