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You know i don't can go to the place without him you know the the the the american league west with with the mariners the astros away their plans turned into one of the big boy divisions like the american league east but i don't know that they can do it without him let's just hope he gets better you know they just caught a break with garrett richards who was able to avoid tommy john surgery let's hope it works in coming back it'll be landmark at a time when we're seeing fewer and fewer tommy john surgeries in doctors are looking at ways to avoid it let's hope this works and he could come back out there what i was wondering what i would like to ask you is what if you have the choice to bring him back as a hitter knowing he is better as a pitcher but knowing that if he has the surgery he's gone until opening day twenty twenty what would you do i i'd be tempted i'd have to see where they're at standings in the next you know a couple of weeks from now maybe when that decision comes to a head they've obviously not been playing well without otani and they're fading in that race so that's a big factor here but yeah if you are conceivably in the playoff race at that point i'd be really tempted do that in delay you know his twenty twenty return you know i don't know how the math would workout on that the tommy john recovery is different for everybody you know twelve months eighteen months never quite certain what is going to be so the elbow sprain we know it does not impact swing so this would be option conceivably on the table if this is great to ucla injury gets beyond that to a great three into net absolute tear so but for now i know we're all just kind of cross our fingers breath hoping that this pr p treatment stem cell injections hopefully that will all continue to have you know lead to pleasant prognosis and he can avoid the surgery but i i would guess i my bet would be that he tries to that he does avoid the surgery or at least says you know you know these guys players wanna play and if it's not what i wanted then i can be an everyday player which is what one of you know what he said was i wanna play more than you can play every day and who knows you know masahiro tanaka is one of his heroes and we all thought he was headed for surgery to and he was able to avoid it with with various kinds of treatment apart from tommy john surgery so go play today and worry about tomorrow tomorrow let's keep it in the american league west richard you recently caught up with dallas kaikal here's richards conversation with dallas you had a great line after the armed wing you said i've been three i know what three and eight feels on disney three and a never seen yourself frustrating how do you cope with when you know pretty well but the results are not good and how how do you keep your sanity that's a good question mean everybody deals with stuff differently by a lot of video games of destress myself but you when you break it down you don't want to jump to conclusions i and but just kind of cycling back through in your mind the game different bats different pitches you remember you.

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