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Six o'clock. I'm Rick van Cise with Lisa Jaffe and coming up a break in the case in that deadly carjacking and Kent on Monday. I'm Jeff Pohjola with the latest. Also on the way, I'm real narrow who would hit a man of the cloth. Someone did in various and now police are looking for him sixty degrees in downtown Seattle. Komo news time, six o'clock. From ABC news. John chefs Iverson, congressional Democrats attorney general William bar has zero credibility and Robert Muller's report on the Russia investigation. He summarized the report and cherry pick findings in his March twenty four th letter to congress democratic House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler says he's troubled by reports at the White House is being briefed on the redacted report, which will be released to congress and the public tomorrow attorney general appears to be waging a media campaign on behalf of President Trump very subject of the investigation at the heart of the Muller report bar will hold a news conference tomorrow morning at nine thirty eastern time. A Justice department official says the report will be delivered to congress between eleven and noon. FBI Denver's special agent dean says eighteen year old soul place who allegedly threatened. The Denver area ahead of the Columbine anniversary has been found dead at this point it looks as if she was alone. That she took her own life with the weapon that she's procured several schools in Colorado close today as a precaution. But it's expected most will reopen tomorrow justified those school closures saying or Columbine infatuation made her a credible threat. Columbine has long inspired copycats and potential copycats a legacy this community never wanted ABC's Clayton Sandell in Colorado. Local officials say a British diver trapped in Tennessee, cave has been rescued and is in stable condition. The divers a member of the elite international crew that helped rescue the tie soccer team from cave. Last year. North Korea's state news agency says leader Kim Jong UN as observed the firing of a new type of tactical guided weapon officials say does not a ban ballistic missile test. Local authorities say a tour bus carrying German tourists. Roll down a steep hillside at veering off a road and Portugals Madeira Island killing twenty nine people injuring twenty eight others. You're listening to ABC news..

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