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Every week for you at the same time talking to the biggest names in sports and today, we are talking with the president of the San Francisco forty Niners, Al Guido. My wife is mad at me. Because she she said, you know, you she said, well, we interview for for the show and I said oh, president the forty Niners Guido out. You weren't going to tell me this. And you know, I love the forty Niners and she talks just like get her airline bars. We've got forty Niners balls on the table. It. I'm serious. This is you know, and there's a joke in there somewhere to figure out my wife is really mad. But anyway, one day I wanted to bring up I see. I want to bring this up about the af why do you think it failed? I think timing maybe business plan. And then obviously the obvious one is funding. Yeah. If you look at the difference between the two leagues, obviously this lease got a year worth runway. It's also got somebody that self-funding it. And you know, I know Charlie. Yeah. I think they came in obviously, everybody knows they come into funding problems. And I think that's honestly, the major difference as I mentioned there's other differences around built in data built-in fans the ability to distribute media, there's some there's some advantages on the WWE and XFL side around how we might think through sponsorships given the two platforms that the A F did not have. But it all really comes down to funding. These are capital intensive leagues rosters that have forty fifty people on them is this not a simple venture backed business. And so obviously, Vince is commitment changes everything. So there was no road show here. He didn't have to go VC's looking for money Vince knows it's his deck. How how long is he willing to sustain losses? And when do we flip to profitability? I don't know that answer Scott. I mean, obviously, I've sat down with Vince briefly more with Oliver lockin Jeffrey Pollack who's obviously the the presidency CEO league. We all know it's been reported around what Vince sold or how much he raised etcetera. I I don't know the profitability or when. But what I would tell you is he's committed to this thing. Not just for a year. That's for sure let's switch over to to NFL for a second. We're a week removed from the NFL draft the forty Niners picked second took Nick bows out of state. He was in the news for a little bit leading up to the draft because he had deleted some of his social media presence, some support of Trump some of his conservative political views and one of the reasons he gave for doing that is I might end up in San Francisco, a fairly liberal city in the aftermath of that. Have you heard from fans positive negative either way what's been the reaction there? Everything's been really positive. I think Nick did a nice job talking about some of the mistakes. He made. I mean, look, I I think fans generally understand these are still kids. Right. And I I was. Yeah. I was joking when my wife like if you gave me a social media account when I was seventeen years old. I mean, look he made mistakes. He made insensitive comments that he's now I see apologize for. And he has a lot to learn. And he he said something during the press conference that struck me around San Francisco actually being the perfect place for him to open up right understand that ever seen inclusion and everything else. But I will tell you this Nick Bosa is a tremendous young human being young adult and passionate about football tremendous family, crepe pedigree. He made his mistakes. Learn from HOGAN better off the field are fans couldn't be happier. Now that we pair Nick Bosa with D Ford and a pass rush. I know I'm pumped about it the NFL's a pretty simple league. Although it's hard you guys who can throw the ball, and you guys who can knock those guys down. And I think we got both of them are other guy was throwing the ball just tours ACL week three last year. So we're open to get him back healthy. I don't think it's a stretch to say that right now, we're putting the country. More politically divided than we have been in a long time in that environment. How how much do you wait or think about a potential draft picks political leaning and how it might mesh with the kind of the overarching fit of your of your city? Not at all. I mean, look doesn't mean we didn't do background on the kid doesn't mean we didn't bring it up and asking the question. But like if we're going to get into a world where we're we're not drafting Republicans are not drafting Democrats. I the way that I think about it is he's a young kid. He had a perspective that perspective is fine. Some of the other stuff he did. I think was a little insensitive and you need to learn from. But honestly, I spend no time worrying about I know John Lynch spends no time worrying about we worry about the kid himself, not necessarily his political leanings up next week continue our conversation with the president of the San Francisco forty Niners Allegri do about the sports business operation being so different. Now. It's not movie theaters anymore joke. Like, you know, sports is movie theaters. You opened up your doors and people came and now with. With eyeballs going every different way. There's so much competition. Not just in sports. It's how you market. How smart we are? And our partnership at LV has four different partners in it, Harris, sports, entertainment, parent companies Sixers and devils, obviously Lovie g which is Tim y Wicky oak view group, and then live nation, and TicketMaster and live nation TicketMaster come into play big time here because if you think about it, obviously the platform of data and all the fans that they have relative to content and sports. That's obviously a big one. You're listening to Bloomberg business of sports from Bloomberg radio around the world. I'm Michael Barr on Twitter at big bar sports. I'm Ed Novi Williams at Novi.

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