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Yeah, I'm hanging out with prince Albert. So if you want to call me out that would be great. I love those call. When I worked at the bowling alley, we used to run the front desk. We'd get calls all the time. Hey, do you guys have 16 pound balls? And I'd say, yeah. How do you walk? Crack up on me. You know. We gotta love this Cray calls, man. We're gonna call maple lanes when we get that to do this. Yeah, you got a call. There are other ones, too, but I can't repeat them on air. Or whatever you want to call this. I feel bad. I forgot to open my fear before. Ah, there you go. See mine's already open. Mine's but mine's beer of the root. Beer the root. Yeah. I'm sure yours is beer of the paps. Yeah, mine's a little stronger than yours. 9 45. You gotta get the day started, so that's why you gotta do it somehow, so. All right, let's get going with the World Series here. All right, only two horror World Series bracelets will be handed out this year and here this week's updates. Dan Kate to one event 60 to 50 K players championship and we'll have his name engraved on the chick. Chip Reese memorial trophy, final table included Paul bolt, Leo Ezra and Josh Ari. Go Ferraro when event 61 to $600 deep stack championship after coming in second and then 22, he Phil helmet and Ryan Lang are the only players to have a first and second this series, but Ferraro is the youngest of the three. Kevin gerhardt won event 62, though 1500 plo 8 for his fourth career bracelet in the second, the series Georgia son boba dasha, a lot of N 65. Come on. So George's soda apocalypse. So, oh, yeah, that makes sense. That was absolutely how that dude. 65. The one game any main event for his third career bracelet, Josh RA, one event, 66, the ten K PO 8 championship or sports career bracelet and second this series doing came just two days after he just missed another final table. He would go on to finish fourth at a four place finish to his World Series poker resume this year a couple of days later in online event number 7, the $3200 high roller. The Rios convention center was locked down for about an hour during day one of the main event after Las Vegas police chase the suspect to the Rio parking lot, police fear that it was a quote unquote suspicious item in the suspect's car..

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