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It's it's sean jones the man at in that longtold than yeah i mean he had always went on saying twice i think he needs to i think he needs to tell because i think if he gets this one i still don't think that'll be enough to get people thinking you know john jones's off for so long he's at all these issues they'll come back in the next one and get them so i think i think cormie would need to but there is a traitor case i made oh absolutely yeah and you could make a case right now to be honest has not completely laughable i would i would side with john jones being the best in that division ever and what and in fact the best ever um but it's not a laughable it's not a laughable position have do you think connor is capable of getting floyd emotionally unstable i'm seeing a lot of this that you know counters beth best path to victory is beating floyd mentally is is that something that you could for see do you think that matters of talking about this was someone yesterday on that this is going to be the most fascinating part of the world tour which will happen in july they're working on the dates they're working on the city's i do think it's going to be neutral cities so i don't think that we're going to see anything in ireland at least as of right now lots i yeah because i i think that that's something that was discussed her asked um and one of the things that we haven't seen as far as floyd opponents are concerned is someone really tried to get under his skin again remember that tweet about cj watson helped secure was that you know cj watson the basketball player who had a history with one of a floyd girlfriend's connor goes there connor knows these things he he does this research conner sees all he's cerebral when it comes to the so he's going to dick he is going to dig and for it's going to dig back.

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