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I'm not surprised by from from trying to. Did you have your first match when. What was the tom scout. Time period on that. So i you know is regularly but i think we started training. I think it's the star twenty eleven february time. Yeah I trained for a couple months tonight by So i actually go away. And then joe carried on And overtime not in september. I think it was probably year off the bat that we out of saas match So mid to late twenty twelve year and then we moved away from that school. So we thought know i wanna go find out brunch out ranch outside out different as a training things. We trade people at brookside up. Yeah we all see trade with finley and billy gunn down. Vw a decent amount Casandra casandra and We moved into the southwest needle. And that's when we found. Up w twenty thirteen And they gave us off regular work like you know they were running probably every couple of months and they gave us his dates and we can finally get see under attack team as well because wigley when we were training we want thinking about being a tag team had eaten at. We spent on time together watching. Ati boys dreaming of being the haughty point. We didn't question it. Because i think it was so news. Less you can even train to wrestle. Said a minute we left really. We're attacking and he's so hard in the wrestling scene especially in two thousand thirteen. It wasn't flashing like it. Wasn't this a twenty seventeen So to try and get two people book monash. There is tough. it's very tough. So if you look that fest. Three full years was really hot because it was it. Was we kind of having a show having a big. Yeah kinda point training school to just kind of keep the ring And it wasn't until twenty fifteen. Were stunned like you know. You could find a local like local company with run free four times a week. Yeah you can jump on a couple of them and do like a matinee and you take. Up we do big big-league down south. Yeah and do. Cpi w at the time in our body more in the context of the company. I'm doing like different. Which is kind of walking around. You just keeping busy. I know somebody got steam. Well that's why we're forever grateful to. Up w as well because they they kind of gave us the up junior leon to be the highlight tag team within the company yet so everyone would come through basically book tag matches whether they bring tag teams in just a face us and that was almost like it was like throwbacks territory days. You basically be like there wasn't time but i imagine if he had tackles time it'd be a case of people coming through town and just seeing what they could do with the brothers also thing and that's kind of hoping to come back. 'cause i mean you'd be w florida's a similar petunias light. Come we got to face. Like people date riley joe. Redman break off spray. johnny Tony storm yes it. Not so i mean we. We let so much guys that we could then take it when we an opportunity. Ip w fire nation..

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