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Is talking about sala- I had to break the stone. And he contacted us on Instagram as well he slid into our DM's with this. I know he scored nineteen goals so far this season. But I think we all can say that when you've watched up player this year can be absolutely infuriating as he turns the ball over miss places passes all over the field and routinely. Mrs open teammates in better positions to score. And instead obsta to try and go to goal himself. I'm familiar with the motto shooters, gotta shoot. But sometimes maybe the shooter bass to Saudi Amman, Bobby for me. No, just my thoughts on wanted to get your take on everything earlier in the message. He it's jested move. Silence on. Oh my God. Yeah. Now that to me as a relative outsider to Liverpool that feels. Just so harsh. I can't even believe what I just heard. But I'll defer to you know, I think it's crazy. Absolutely crazy. I wouldn't do that at all there were times against Everton where I wished he had tried to shoot with his other foot and has his season being different. But I keep saying to you that you know, he couldn't match what last season was because it was the freak of season. He's not an oatmeal goalscorer either that from three operates as a three that's going to combine with different things. And by the way, saudi-omani for for a period as well during the season was missing chances was oftentimes we now he's going to go on to be one of the players of the season money. But for a couple years now, we've talked about how he Radic he can be. Yeah. I just I think I think look some of it. The way Liverpool play those guys see a lot of the ball. Right. Which increases the chances for them to make mistakes. All yet. They're not by the way, they're not deferring to someone as a centre forward. You know, they're all contributing goals and. They probably maybe there is a little bit agreed to Saleh's game. Since last season. He interviews. He's made him. So very aware that he's in this goals race with Sergio guero and Ryan, Starling and assists. And all those things he's aware of it, which is normal which is normal. But no, I am I am not a little bit more on him in what to watch for also not flattering. I'm not setting him. I'm not even hinting at that. But we'll get to it. Brandon by sir. I wanted to share a happy memory with you both that I recalled when the goal Cup draw was announced for this year on the night. The USA was eliminated from contention to take part in the World Cup. Boy, this is not starting with twenty seventeen Trent Trinidad and Tobago day. That was the first time I listened to your podcast in the middle of the night. I woke up not feeling well and usually turn to the local radio to listen to it as fell back to sleep. However on that night. I figured you're one our podcast about arguably the worst.

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