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The ten thousand square foot limit requirement for a to us now in fact in arcadia yes it overrides the local governments from being able to enact those obstacles barbara bruce lives in a back unit of her son daniel new base property she moved here from south america and our family was frustrated with the permitting process we all make jokes about supposedly latin american magnon montana montana the city of berkeley has learned that spanish word pretty soon tune comeback magnon it seemed to me he shared a story of the need for senior housing telling a fellow senior she knows who live in their cars or in shelters keeping storage units instead of using their own closets in berkeley margie schaefer kcbs five people have been taken to the hospital an accident in san lorenzo involving an ambulance spokesman dan jacker wits says the accident happened about eleven fifteen this morning at his spirit and luella when a driver collided with the ambulance the accident caused the ambulance roll onto its side person in the ambulance ambulance i was being transported did receive major injuries i'm not sure what their condition was prior to the collision what they're being treated for anything like that i just know that they were in route already to a facility three members of the ambulance crew were also injured no word on their condition jack whitt says the intersection will be shut down as the investigation continues we say a woman stole a window washers van before crashing it into a fremont home late this morning fremont police and fire units were called to the incident on bernard drive near corrie lakes the fremont fire department has since posted a photo of the damage on twitter the images what appears to be a pair of newly installed wooden supports where the van crashed through the existing structure police say the suspect is receiving treatment for minor injuries during the crash once she is recovered police say that she'll be booked for charges related to van that she allegedly stole before the.

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