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For his podcast revision path from the the american institute of graphic arts how are you sir doing pretty good scott how are you i'm doing pretty well i've known you for a while and just like my podcast your pockets had been chugging along for a long time you are definitely been in the podcast game for while you have to almost fifty episodes at this point yeah we are actually i think factoring in our bonus episodes we might be right at two fifty but we're getting up there we'll hit we'll definitely hit two hundred and fifty regular episodes in july it's fantastic like i know that having hit you know over five hundred now basically every week is your show weekly or by weekly it's weekly weekly so even doing this now five years plus there's so many podcasts that are out there where people get into it for you know eleven twelve fifteen episodes they missed one and then they miss another and then their weekly show is a monthly show and then it's like it's just sad how how did you stick with it for so long and and not stop on a really helps to have a plan on a schedule the good thing with these interviews is that i do a lot of them ahead of time so i usually try to put at least maybe about a month between the interview and when it airs which gives me more than enough time to juggle scheduling to handle any sort of editing issues or things like that and i've really been able to kind of keep on that particular path now for five years and you've been doing this for a while you switch to weekly in april two thousand thirteen are you producing all of this by yourself i know now i do have an editor so that also helps my editor rj is worth his weight in gold and he is the one that sort of takes the raw conversations that i ended up having an he sort of edits and shapes them into something now i still produce the episode every week so while he may handle the actual interview part i still record every intro tro in every ad every week and i packaged the show together and exported in schedule it yeah my editor mandy who is hopefully listening to this right now she's editing is also worth their weight in gold and so you won the steven heller prize which is actually for cultural commentary and you've also won awards like most inspiring design pockets it's.

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