Saikia, Thomas Keller, Alton Brown discussed on Christopher Kimballs Milk Street Radio - 134: New York Times Kim Severson on Paula Deen, Alton Brown and Thomas Keller


I think it's a story about dr um and i think it's a story about uh education levels and one person who has access to a world and another who may be has the raw material that that could make someone a star but uh you know is just this great clash at saikia now that the person who has the great tune in their head and then you have the singer who pulls that tune in and makes a big record out of it in the songwriter gets gets nothing it's those as a classic story you know so at a get worked on lots of levels i mean certainly there was a great racial over lay there but also was a story about ambition and friendship and they know the train was leaving the station in polish jumped on it and uh and door wasn't able to is interesting let's move on the thomas keller which is in between alton brown and paul dean here's what's interesting about that interview i thought was turned into a social statement in a way because this is a quote couture this is not from you this was someone who interviewed and we know hold couture appropriate for minorities and other urban communities in other words this very white classic french tradition of very expensive faulty course dining is for rich white people at its cooked by rich white people i guess in it's no longer in keeping with the nature of today's culture and that's really where the story ended up and i thought that was an interesting turn would that kind of.

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