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Have you ever heard a bad word about her never heard anyone talk shit about? She tweets. A picture says home. I got Tom Arnold attacked me. And my husband at a Hollywood party because stupid TV show is it worth atop people. Love her Christians all over the world. Oh, that's right. She's always like on. Touched by handle or something. She heals people around the world. Visit fact that she. Yes, it's are they both very religious. Well, that's that's funny. Read Patrick keeps New Yorker piece about it. Just fuck. Investigate shifted. In Rome is let me ask you this. If I did attack the most powerful show is Eddie's fucking wife at a Hollywood party would I be asked to leave the Hollywood party. No, I was the last person there. So that's a weird thing to have happened. Arrested. Right. Yeah. I I agree at what point this guy. Let's talk. Let's let's let's talk about at what point. Yes. Because I feel in a way 'cause we go so far back, and I've seen so many stages of your of your life. That's that question. Right there. Is there something weird where that is? Okay. Okay. Forget about be. Let's say you see all these stages. But is that? Okay. No. Will look none of it's. Okay. But is it? Okay. That the guy that created the myth of Donald Trump and his cover for him and was in with him at the State Department two weeks ago. I don't know. I feel like everyone knew Trump was before. He put him on a okay is it? Okay. That guy flew to Syria four times to beat the shard. Whatever save is to do a reality show. Hip two thousand seventeen. Ooh. It was with Putin two thousand fifteen ok well here. Okay. Tom, I feel the need to intervene here for by saying this. I do I think about this stuff all the time. You know, there's so much going on. There's so much insanity. It's kind of what's in that hot dog. You'll never eat another hot dog. There's that sort of. Doug. I worked at a beat. Peggy Ryan true. You know? I'm saying it a certain point you have your health. You have your family your your live. You're living on on the west side. I don't know to certain point. You gotta get on with it. That's what you do that. That's what you should do. That's what you should do. But if you feel at I respect this. If you feel the country's a good heads, and but it with with the information, you have that you should do that if the other head if you are me, and you know, what I do you have a five year old a three year old, then you should it. If somebody's willing to chill out. Well, I stake is being too into your kids. Everything else. There. I live in California. And I hate Gavin Newsom, but I live in California, and I'm gonna work. I'm going to be fruitful. I'm gonna join myself. Enjoy my family, and what does that started? Starting a week today. Because otherwise it just be miserable. And I don't know there's a lot. I could do you respect? What you're doing one hundred percent. That's good. That's good for you. But I have to do what I'm doing. And if it's just me, that's fide. Okay. I'm saying I'd like, I don't know. I feel like you've earned a vacation. I feel like you. I just like to see in joying. You're you're Joya years. I I joined this. Well, if you enjoy the guy was six hundred billion dollars chokes, we I got a pretty good fuck it lawsuit. Let me just say that right now, I agree and why slanders publicly. Now, I'm not gonna read the expose in the New York. I believe I will be taking my chances. Because if I'm at a party and conversation about Roma Downey breaks out. I'm gonna be fucking stared at my drink. Sure. That Israel doughty. I think it's a body double they daddy's family got her out of there. It's pretty crazy. But way, Mark per dead came to this country. He was on his way this is biology. He's on his way to sexual Barucha as ability expert to shoot people at central Berga, he stopped at the border. He said I've scared he became a Manny in Malibu he worked under the table. Mark Burnett is what Donald Trump calls it illegal immigrant. He forged his is oh papers..

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