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Get here because he's, you know, he's got a chance of he's, it doesn't look like he's not gonna win a group one on the forum that he's shown. It could develop a fair bit more next year, but that's asking quite a lot. And the prize money for sort of listed in group three races is not great. Yeah. That's the same argument again. But he could recent in conditions races. In the states, not even in greater company and pick up quite big parts. So I wonder whether they be tempted to do that. Obviously, you know, it would be a loss to chair. But it just struck me as you know, if you're a bit free, a tight track can be can be a benefit. But usually get them settled around the band and stuff like that. And that would suit him. And he's he's the type who can he's got a high cruising speed. But also the ability to quick and offer as well, which I think would just U.S. racing down to the ground. With my limited knowledge, obviously, you might have people have better judges of U.S. facing who made disagree entirely with that. But that was the sort of struck me with him. Yeah. I think Peter Vaughn to tell and Naomi took her would agree with you. And Barry falconer for that matter as well. I'd say that being an agreement is also a gelding. So you'd like to think that he will be on the go for a while. So why not take him to America? Yeah, that's the thing is, you know, the opportunity for almost like him would be. It would be great in this dance. Yeah. That's a good show, you know? That's a really good shit. But sorry, Caroline's didn't hopefully we haven't planted an idea in anyone's head there. Shall we talk about some jumps racing, Roy? Yes, that's a jolly good idea to me. I think we should talk about some jumps racing, man, man. Trying my wife gets home. So let's talk about third time lucky. So this was the Friday square in the air calm lovers chase winning for Dan skelton. I was quite keen on video valleys for Paul Nichols and luckily he splits them and the way he jumped, I know he's taking quite a keen hold, but the way he jumped means that there are some, I think you will probably be dreaming of glory, I wouldn't quite be saying that yet. But he's definitely going to be going up to graded class next. Yeah, I think it'd be coming back for the article trial. In November as long as the grind isn't soft. If it is, then he would only go into some time with him instead. For the grid one there. This is really impressive. Again, it's easy enough to pull calls in the form after the event. It's a surprisingly cool time figure from time forward, which I need to get my head around that one because it's faster than standard. Essentially, well, just put this in context. The going was basically good to solve for this medium as good as after giving it as that the day before after it had quite heavy rain on the Thursday. But clearly it's been largely trying for a long time there and the goal was changed again to good. In the morning I'm judging by the times of the race, it has to be quicker than that to my eye, and time form of a judge is to be good to firm. It's possible that you just ended up with a lot of very good performances in the day. Producing surprisingly good times for the grind. But it's more likely that I was pretty fast. That I'm not very well. But I thought he was very impressive as jumping was really good. He didn't mess around for dalio villas. He's tries to run a child and twice disappointed. And this is not his track. He almost run out actually at one stage, not that he tried to miss a fence, but he was John so far to the right. At the top of the hill that he almost went outside one of the one of the gates. He was nearly on the bond of an ambulance at one point, I thought, Jesus. When he jumped right again at the water jump, high school decided that was a time to tick the race by the scruff of the neck. And it was all for very quickly after that quite frankly. He jumped straight and fast and within two or three fences he built up a big lead. And essentially had all the others on the hop. You can make excuses. I said, you know, you can say Fidel hasn't handled the track. He didn't come up the hill the last time he ran here last November. That was on softer grind. But he looked he didn't look critically happy on the undulations of cheltenham. Any news didn't get into a rhythm early on. He's a talented enough horse any news. And he run well at work and has reappearance. But I thought the key to him was they had to he had to get into a good rhythm early on. He didn't really do that. And he's just plugged on for a place. And, you know, he want to start writing the rest through, and I think it'll be through Bobby rich, who is pretty exposed and is useful but it's not superstar. So that's rather than saying, oh, he's beaten beaten any news 25 lengths here, essentially, he's beaten Buddy Rich by a pretty easy in the outlets. And I think he was value from more than that in the end. He wasn't, you know, I mean, Harry skelton as he usually does on these good horses. He's shown that once after fill the fact, you know, they weren't keeping a lot in reserve for the future, but he was very good here. And he clearly is it really the class chassis? Bear in mind, of course, this time last year, he was doing similar things over hurdles. And I think he was second favorite for the supreme at one stage. And he ended up saying busted flush over hurdles, but he ended up disappointing essentially. But he had wind surgery. Before this reappearance, and it seems, it may have made a difference..

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