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Flash. Jody. It's Mike McCann. We've got the game of the year in college football, Hard fought and tight tonight number one Clemson visiting number four Notre Dame. They're not in a 23, all in the fourth quarter teams trading field goals in the last few minutes. Clemson's BT Potter's 30 yarder just answered one from Notre Dame's Jonathan Door who connected from 44. Tiger's getting going to quarterback with a freshman deejay, we angle a Li. The other two games were following tonight. With the top 10 teams have turned into blowouts. Number three Ohio State 40 to 15 leaders on Rutgers and the other Just one final seventh, right. Texas am crushing South Carolina 48 23 earlier. Number eight. Florida over number five. Georgia 40 for 28 6th rank. Cincinnati took care of Houston. 38 10 scores Michigan falls to one and to Jim Harbaugh's crew. Beaten 38 21 by Big 10 rival Indiana. Oklahoma destroyed Kansas 62 tonight. Oklahoma State Kansas State 22 18 2nd, ranked Alabama there off this weekend with number nine on the NFL began with the Packers Thursday night victory over the 40 Niners. Looking ahead to Sunday, the Cowboys will start their fourth different quarterback of the year. Garrett Gilbert. Will be under center when they host the undefeated Steelers at all late afternoon Tilt huge challenge for Dallas. The Steelers come in 70 Ben Roethlisberger enjoying a Renaissance year while the defense is a modern day steel curtain, right number three in the league Sunday night, ER, serving up a stellar pairing Drew Brees and the five into Saints head the pirate ship for Tom Brady and the six and two Buccaneers stock injuries. Houston's J. B. J B on Clowney questionable with any issue. Reports say it might be a Tauron meniscus jets could be without Sam Darnold Monday night when they host the Patriots. The third year man from USC re injured his shoulder last week against Casey Bills, placing linebacker Matt Milano and I are due a pectoral injury and in a disciplinary move, Golden Tate will not be active Sunday when the Giants visit Washington. And I'm Mike McCann have a take The.

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