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How trump is looking to sue facebook. Twitter and youtube over sister ship is that right. I haven't heard anything from him. But i heard that he gave a speech recently. I didn't like see or know where it is. But i pull up that article really fast. Just had it. I know i just had it as well. When i looked again it was gone. Fox news has evidently posted a bunch of other stuff. They don't seem to care about trump any longer. Now that he's not he's supposed to run again in twenty twenty four if you wanna just Sorry hold it for a minute. i'll deal with it at the. Yeah out there with that at the break. Yeah that's unexpected. I haven't seen that happen before. I guess i also haven't done a show with a dog here before. So she's rambunctious. She's probably going to fall asleep in like thirty minutes though. Maybe she usually does okay. So i found it on. This one is from. Yahoo news is as former president. Donald trump has filed suit against three of the country's biggest tech companies claiming he and other conservatives have been wrongfully censored but legal experts. Say the suits are likely doomed to fail. Given pre existing precedent and legal protections. I mean yeah. It's basically a private platform right facebook to all of these social media platforms and they don't want you one there. Then they don't have to allow you to be on their. Somebody made a really good point in like a tweet that went viral in said so covid nineteen barely mutated at all for a whole year. But then when the vaccine's come out there's a different mutant alphabet letter every week and it's somehow unvaccinated people's. Yeah i saw that too. I wonder if lower if that's if all of these mutated variants of the virus. If that's real or well. I would imagine i mean it's a cold virus and koirala's mutate all the time that's why we've never had a vaccine against the cold but it would make sense for based on how how viruses evolve that once people start vaccinating themselves against the main strains the lesser known strains will become more prominent because people aren't vaccinated against those. Yeah so it makes sense that you know once the vaccination rose out all of these strains start evolving and becoming more prominent because they're able to get into host and infect them and it doesn't seem like any of them are actually causing some big series deal anyway so i think you could be right. No they're referring to the delta strain. That's the latest one that we're supposed to be afraid of as so. This is only the fourth strain. Whatever they're referring to as a more deadly strain of it but that doesn't seem to be the case from what i can tell. They're also saying it's more contagious. That also does seem to be the case from what i can tell but who the hell knows so you just found interesting story something about swingers right okay..

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