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Letters to last spring. Judging from comments humaneness Interview he had with Scorsese, but he just he said, Yeah, he wrote an album's worth of material for the month and a band. Yeah, sit home. I'm just right a lot of people today. Yeah, so anyway, that is carrying out those October 23rd. The song is called letter to you. Um, Julia, this I couldn't even believe this is a letter to me. No, this is something nobody needs. But we're gonna talk about it any way you talk about it anyway. Gadget Meghan Kelly is looking to shape shake things up with the new podcasting cos she's launching With the help, probably over $70 million payout from NBC Screwup launching Devil may Care Media podcasting Company, which it will just be Hirsch. You know her the Meghan Kelly show. And she, she said, Ah. I know the number thing number. One thing I wanted to do was not do anyone else's biddy not have any pressure of corporate overloads over overlords over me and I feel like it's time to Hollywood speak was giving her a job. She just got $70 million to work for two years at NBC, and they screwed up and last tamarind Hall. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, she That was unbelievable that she did so so anyway, so she's doing a podcasting show. Nobody will hire. She's calling yourself an independent journalist. She's going to be filling in at 4 30 every day here over plaid cast. We're goingto dual simulcast little making Kelly for you. And you know shopper stations with Meghan. He's out there, you know, like tweeting stuff, And she still is honor raggedy edge. None sense where she tries to walk a line here. She's being provocative, but she's really stirring the pot and then defending it. Um, for you know, Laurie, this reminds me of a list that came out today. It's called celebrities. No one cares about anymore. Yeah, like, could be dense shade. Julia serious it. There is a list that came out today by rancor dot com. Here's Who's on this list? Because if it was like media personalities no one cares about anymore. You know Meghan Kelly would be when she would be one of them. But this just kind of made me laugh. So on the list is Nicholas Cage. Cuba Gooding Jr s wireless. Adam Sandler. Meg Ryan. Will Smith, Denzel Washington John Travolta. I don't agree with some of them are Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Lee Curtis Curtis. Oh, but I just kind of that everyone, you know. Nicolas Cage, Cuba Gooding Jr. Bruce Willis. But I just I just don't see people tuning into the Megan Kelly show because first of all you've got Us. Well, Yeah, you've got other things, but I mean, even just he even when it was TV show wise, you know, you've got through very more has for show commander who was coming out Well, she's in her second season men, but she's going to be hearing in this market. You have a lot of options options because, she said she's speaking with here's were good, scary for the advertisers that might want to advertise our show. Is that she's qualified detective newsmakers thought leaders and compelling voices. I just feel like a Q. A non person is in her future very, very soon because she even did that when she was Doing the lead up to her. Meghan Kelly show. Who Did she speak with again? She talked to Alex Jones. Yes, that was incentives with on a Sunday night NBC show that was very controversial. Yeah, this when people turned out in droves afterward, there was her first son, The Megan the Sunday Night with Meghan Kelley and me as the guy who tried to say that Sandy Hook didn't happen, and she does it under the guise that she's lifting. You know the blinds off people's eyes. But when you give when you're sitting down with your platform with people who are Conspiracy theorists and nuts. You're not doing anything except bellow. You know, kind of building up your own. You're trying to get was for that. Yes, not for Any other reason. And so people see that B s alright. I don't know. I don't think a lot of people are going to be tuning in. Well, you've given it a lot of time and energy. Well, I'm just saying that I mean you combat she tried to get hired back at Fox, and they They didn't want her and her her non compete is up. No, you know, NBC. So good luck with your never. Devil may care Media company have name is as mad as I feel like it would be a bad omen. Why not just called 666? Right, Damian boys. Your result. I mean, that movie scared me more than anything in my life. Oh, okay. I was one that threw me. Yeah, that was a That was a scary that dogs and Gregory pack has a scary Millie. All right. How do you like the idea of Ah show called Dougie Cami, Camila omd, and it's going to be do G Cham Lo make a mix 3 16 year old girl. Works as a doctor in Hawaii. So many pluses doing it cute. Think they want to make it kind of a new A comedy to? Yes, and it's going to be the young doctor. Whatever that guy's name is the TV show, you know, not young Sheldon. But you know duty. Hauser, the good doctor. No, there's a show that's on. That's been on for, like, three or four years with Freddie Highmore, right, you Yes. So this is a doobie Howser. Cute reboot, but sat with a girl and you know why I love it. I know. I think people tune in for that. I love it The one direction fans were very upset with James Gordon Lies may not know if you caught that or not. Hell hath no fury like one direction. Fan scorned, James. Is in hot water because he posted a clip from their 2015 carpool karaoke. So well, it's the most viewed carpool. Carrie Okay, James Corden ever had and the 11 2nd snippet that was posted on their Web site. Listen, it depicted James Taking the band Hood McDonald Drive in and anyway people want. They never saw that footage and they thought that they were going to see the lads. Going through McDonald's drive in with James Corden because it wasn't in the original, and he didn't give it to him to her on the one dears Perry about.

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