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Dave Packer in Washington, D C supporters converging on the nation's capital today to show their support for President Trump. Meanwhile, the president refusing to concede and his White House refusing to share intelligence briefings or progress on fighting the surgeon Corona virus pandemic with the incoming Biden administration. This is cases shatter records more than 190,000 and a single day New Mexico's governor, issuing a two week stay at home order as one county, their ships in three mobile morgues. We are In a life or death situation, and if we don't act right now, we will absolutely crush our current health care system. Oregon rolling out its own two week freeze Chicago's will kick in Monday on the governor of North Dakota within about face issuing a statewide mask mandate as their state past 700 deaths. NBC's Trevor all on a conference call today Governor Andrew Cuomo suggesting for the mental health of Children. School closures should be determined on a case by case basis. The school is not spreading the virus. Off the school was a much lower positivity rate than the surrounding area. Then the school is not part of the problem. And you could argue Keeping the Children in this school is part of the solution whether at Cape Canaveral, postponing the first regular crew faring flight to the international space Station until at least tomorrow. Cambodia's government targeting about 50 people in its most concerted legal offensive against his political opponents since 2017 that, according to copies of court summonses, they were all charged with treason for taking part non violent anti government activities over the last three years. And police in Mexico's northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, have arrested two drug gang members in connection with the murder of a local TV anchor. You're listening to ABC News now. Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's.

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