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You know so i had to move the coat rack two feet to the left and guess what started happening again because reset own mind you know it sounds insane. Sounds insane but the thing is the coat rack even though is just move it was the same coat rack just a little bit to the left but because it was not where i want is the corner of my eye was used to sing. It had acclimated to. I was right back where i had been a month or two earlier and i think that's a lot that's a lot of life is like we. Maybe it's certainly some element of what he wants to be privilege or like. I don't know exactly what the word is. But we're fortunate enough of thinking about like we got we got fancy Takeout dinner the other night went to house a prime rib for the second time since the pandemic and actually had to wait on line for an hour. Wow order and pick it up but had this funny thought. It's so dark. And i was happy to do it. His house a prime rib. It's the best. It's you know. We want to treat ourselves for valentine's day special family dinner. You take that home and needed up and it was worth it and i just didn't line and took my mask awful lot. Authentic keep my phone listening to a podcast. But and then i thought to myself i just. We just spent a total of two hours from the time we left the house. To the time i waited in line on a very cold van ness avenue to the time they made it to the time we brought it home. It was two hours. But then i had this thought of like watching national geographic videos of people who have had the same bucket. They've had for ten or twenty years and the whole all the women. The family have to walk to a river or the potable water station to get their water for the day. And i was like oh my god. What a different world like. I'm like oh you know. I'm i'm real cheery because i'm i'm my two hours going in the service of eating a rabbi but then there are people who everyday have to do that over and over just to get water. Yeah and i'm not saying. I'm not saying that for clapping. Obviously but i do think it's a real. It's a real head scratcher. When you realize how much of the things to which we have become habituated just start becoming how things are and how the inconvenience of that thing not working. In the way we expect it day to day incredibly frustrating. What could be less sympathetic than somebody waiting for. Ups delivery that was supposed to be there an hour earlier or a day earlier. Yeah i feel. I feel i feel so angry and i want everyone to be fired and then i catch myself sometimes and what is wrong with you well and but the other thing just back to what you're saying a second ago and i'm not saying that you're doing no i know but i think in a situation like this you kind of realize how many points of failure there are when before you don't really think about any because on a regular day where things are just going the normal way like you can be really angry when you're taking the trash out in the bag rips like that's like damn it what that's so stupid like a ruin my day but then you realize well okay. What if the power went out and didn't come back on and what if it was really cold. And what if the gas didn't work. And what if you had no water. What if you like. There's so many things that we are reliant upon and it's interesting because if you know if you were to go camping you would prepare for it. You'd say okay. We're going to need a tent. We're going to need warm clothes. We're gonna need this kind of knife. We're going to need this other little hatchet. We're going to need a stove to cook with we. You know maybe we need to start. A fire. took her match. Yeah all of that stuff. So you're prepared right and then you know you're only going to do it for a period of time and even this right now even with all the people suffering like this will end in a week from now forgot your kindle. You could say well that's okay. We're campus that's right. It's for a couple of days. I can live without my kindle for a couple days. And i know unless something goes really wrong which i doubt it will. I know we're going to be back on back on highway. We're we're going to have popeye's fried chicken and internet and stuff like that. This is this is part of what i brought myself. And you know what you know. What merlin if the camping trips really that bad pack it up and you go home fire. You just walk away. Just get in the car. Leave everything there and you can't walk. You can't do that now. And that's the worst part of it. It's like you realize how completely dependent. We are unless europe rapper. Unless you're already out in on your land somewhere and running independent with your own well and everything else like you know but it makes you think like yeah. I really would like to have one of those battery powered things. They're like a thousand bucks. But you can plug all your stuff into them and they have like you can attach solar panels to them and then just one of my neighbors down the street. They re did they. They bought the house. It was a nice house as it was but they built a big addition onto it and we. We realized over the last few weeks that they also built a generator into it. And the generator runs off gas. So when the power goes out loud but we can hear the generator running and all their lights are on there watching. Tv and they're they're probably you know gambling and smoking cigars. Whatever you do when you're living like a king and everyone else's suffering but it's like you know and like i investigated. How much would that cost to get her own little texas camping version of the johnny cash which they're probably drinking and smoking big right. Yeah i'm stuck in my house camping. That's right and like you know so. We'll here this generator going. And you look out the window like those jerks you know and it's expensive. It's like five to seven thousand dollars for that kind generator system. It costs like three to five hundred dollars a year just to maintain it like the ones on cable news. We spent a lot of money. It's outside it. Looks almost like an air conditioner if the gas and then you can nominally. Run most of your house off of. Yeah but it runs. When i say cast into the house as a failed back do you probably you probably throw big sweat. You throw a switch switch but the thing is when i say it isn't like it isn't like having an extension cord already. It's already built into your whole house and raising. It's not gas gasoline. It's gases in your natural gas so it it's unlimited you don't have to fill it because we have guys. My friends become addicted to electric Going gonna have to go watch that. I already watch the aviator twice and goodfellas three times in the last week. That's then it's for your work man if your mental health your mental health For your health. Can i tell you about a second thing. That i like marilyn. I wish i wish you would. Dan is it anything. The more involved. The way that i that i interact with internet things like some help with that..

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