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Of all time today is the day Mariano enters baseball hall of fame awards this fighting to stay in bed is will professor in professional baseball because I mean I can communicate with my teammates could not communicate with my pitching coach either my money but yes you know the lord gave me gave me this trying and the power to continue pursuing my dream and you know learn the language thing the rest is history and what a history it has been there for our yeah I know there's a D. a two time batting champ and Martinez a late starter Roy Halladay Harold Baines we spent the Yankee oriel starter Mike Masina Amari unknown the scene on the Sweeney Murty podcasts extensive interviews you can hear that on radio dot com Yankees thirty one games above five hundred sixty four thirty three lead to ten games on the rays atop the American League east Yankton rocky series finale the stadium eleven five Cerny win at three more hits for DJ lemay you against his former team selection motivation after survives on I'm just trying to sitting pretty thirty four to lead the American League James Paxton and her mom Marcus's orders today Yankee baseball McFadden twelve twenty five Yankee pre med twenty eleven ports are anyone in San Francisco format home runs pretty ones dom spent Todd Frazier Jeff McNeil Walter lock at the win for Alonso who has been a recent slump is home runs six then the sixth inning of pre run pincette met manager Mickey Callaway that's what you want one at bat three RBIs in Homer and go rest more than there was really good and for a lot of the home run thirty three on the year and Stephen mats we'll get the start else from the nationally scoreboard pirates beat the Phillies five one registry to on the cardinals nationals five three on the Atlanta Braves Arizona pulls the Milwaukee eight to three Dodgers dump the Marlins turned six of the cubs are raising the Padres six five a final score that can become seven and one since the all star break back to the American League with the rays fall to the white Sox to one in eleven of Toronto trips the Tigers seven five but the red Sox in seventeen six over the Orioles Jackie Bradley junior couple a three run home runs in a game Astros six one on the Rangers Oakland five wins for world be Cleveland one nothing and the angel silencing Seattle six to the final score that came with that we'll check in on the.

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