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Thomas and friends story time. Thomas and the baby tiger rescue a podcast story for kids starring thomas the tank engine based on the railway series by the reverend w awdry created by brito craft read by mama han and friends. This is a story about thomas. The tank engine cheeky little blue steam. Engine he is the number one engine on top him hats railway and has a whistle. That sounds like this. So let's begin our story thomas and the baby tiger rescue. It was a very exciting day on set. Top hats railway baby tiger had been born at the animal park. Thomas was extract cited. He was taking delivery then that morning. I really hope. I see the baby tiger. He is so young he doesn't even have a name yet. But when thomas arrived at the animal park he knew something was wrong harold. The helicopter was hovering overhead. And lots of people were rushing around. So top hat. Looked very worried. Thomas pulled up. Next to percy and rebecca what happened the baby tiger has got lost.

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