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Kevin in Honolulu. I though, has been holding on patiently. He's next up in the sack. Help show, Kev Go ahead. Hey, guys, What's going on? By the way, your last guest. Probably hit on the head more in anybody's burden while working. We follow him at Barrett. Silly on Twitter at Barrett so you could just go right to my Twitter. Zach Galba was the last tweet out was his Twitter handle? Okay, So first of all, I think he's absolutely right in the fact that as usual, the big pen had a big head thinking that everybody else is going to fall in line behind him. Um, that didn't happen. They about Portugal in their face now, which is trying to deal with them. They're doing poorly. Some political standpoint. What? I was talking about it if you look at the fact and in the end the big 12 and where Maxwell Excuse me where their headquarters are, along with the big 12. And then you look at the headquarters for the other three conferences. If you kind of see what's going on right now, with cold and the rest of it, those headquarters were centered in areas where everything has been locked down, and it's still struggling on one side and the others. Are in areas where things have been opened up, and people are a little bit more independent minded in what they want to do and how they wantto take on things. And so I I think it's great for the players and the big men that are coming back because I think it was gonna hurt them. From the draft perspective. Everybody itself played. They did. Um, but I think it's I think his comments about the incredibly poor leadership in the Big Ben are are well founded. And and maybe we'll be a change after this year, Kevin thanks for the phone call. Here's the thing I said, That's the barrels. Say it again. You may think the big 10 made the right decision. You may think they made the wrong decision. I don't know, with the unknown in this world what was right. What was wrong? But what I do know what is what, right and what is wrong is the lack of communication. If the big 10 thought it wasn't safe, thoroughly explained your explanation. Because when you didn't do that we had John Jansen on who used to play for Michigan, played for Washington's football team. I said to him if I was a player in the big 10, I would want to know why I'm not playing. And to just be told health and safety. That's not a sufficient enough explanation. I need a clear cut explanation. I mean, you don't provide someone that It makes it seem as if they didn't have the answer. So it's all bent out of shape to me that the big 10 goes from in August. We're not playing to now in September. We're playing. Why don't you stick to your decision and like, Barrett said, and I agree with them wholeheartedly. It's all about fear. It's about fear, and it's about money. It's about fear about being wrong and you want to try to make much money as possible. That's what it is. This testing stuff. It's just the way that they could put it on out there in a vague term, make it look like they're good. Some people by most people won't So Hey, Big 10. You could have pulled the plug out from the season. You did. That's fine. To change after a month. That part I don't get because nothing really changed all that drastically in the world. Not too much from August. Now where we are in September, 16th really has changed all that drastically. So we get big 10 football back. It will be good. Hopefully we get through the season, there's going to be some hiccups. You know, there will be some hiccups. That's just part of it. And I'm happy that the sport is coming back. The big 10. You could have made the right decision your mind here, but the failure to explain it and the failure to actually hold firm to your decision that's weak. It is weak and there's no doubt about it. Get the Odell Beckham. I said yesterday with Odell Beckham when he says he's all about winning and production to stop telling me that you're all about winning..

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