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Incredible withdrawal, incredible pain, depression, suicidal thoughts, and the like you wrote this very much as a human story far away from the CDC far away from from DC far away from so-called experts. Well, that's because that's how it affects most people. Most people don't these big policies stores. The way that affects people's lives are are in personal and intimate and familiar ways. And those are the stories that I'm interested to understand to know is how are these big massive issues are happening in America. How's it affecting someone in the most personal and intimate fashions and with this story? I mean that was a conversation. Is this a store that's more of a policy for stories a store, that's a human story and what I tried to do. And what turned to do all my stories as he tried to marry these two things together trying to blend them together. So that that it becomes a narrative becomes a story. Don't to put down at the same time. You're able to learn so much about whatever the issue is. And you. Blend those two things together. Sometimes I think about the classic structure is that somebody just does the narrative, and then they go back to the policy. They do the narrative, and they go the policy and sometimes raiders just going to breach pass the policy to get back to the story. So you can just kind of put them all together in one cohesive narrative than he can get people through to the finish. I gotta say you're gorgeous writer United never spoken before. I have not really read your stuff before just mean, you'd never know that this. This was the point of this is as you titled the the peace unintended consequences. And yet it's really about a very human struggle there. I wanna talk to you about the struggle within another family. It's it's a piece about Cam Musser and his mother Kirstin and Cam. You know, Cam is withdrawing more and more into himself. And he's basically it's the story of a young Neo Nazi revealing his true self to his family. We have a reading there, and I'd like you to to share that with listeners. Okay. This moment is when the mother of Cam was for the first time looking up the the group that he had joined and what that meant and so begins with who is he becoming what was this group doing to him? Was it a cult? She couldn't put it off any longer. She had to know she reached for her phone she plugged in the name that for so long. She had tried to ignore. Traditionalist worker party said what Kapiti a- Neo Nazi white nationalist group said the southern poverty Law Center advocates for racially pure nations and communities and blames Jews for many.

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