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Those kind of images that you see printed on candles that are supposed to cleanse your home and things like that there are even like these narko saints that see that their tons of different ones and he was considered one of them a living saint as it were and it's because he was very benevolent to the people that lived around him in medina in that area and one of the ways that he bestowed this benevolence upon them was by creating a public zoo uh that people could just come in rome free in now pablo escobar was shot in nineteen 93 was killed in a gunfight but before then especially in the early eighties was golden age for as little said this living narko saint in his palatial home hacienda napho liz this halfway between medea in bogota the stuff he built would put michael jackson and donald trump to shame they would feel like they were living the poor house yeah he built a up private bull ring is gigantic dinosaur sculptures which are awesome and they're really weird look into their very cartoonish and just mathematically built a specifically for his kids in he built in airports and he had this you a public zoo full of smuggled animals and we name some of those animals he also we've you're going to have a decency are you gonna have some hippos rate he smuggled four hippopotamuses three females and a male who became known as as via the old one and he he smuggled them from california in the 80s as you pointed out the locals love this we get a free public zoo if you were local person living at the time the the entire escobar operation was trying to appear benevolent unless you were also trying to sell cocaine or attempting to stop them from selling cocaine or again angered pablo escobar in any way win the colombian government.

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