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Yeah yes so. You had about nine matches of a role tonight and other than the keithly carrying cross match. You could definitely do honorable mention for rear ripley. Taken on nigeria. Because of the whole blood spot. Charlie flare taking on nike cross. You know the goldberg lashley segment. May all of that was pretty good. But otherwise a pretty average episode of wwe raw Almost what you guys thought about. Ross definitely sound off especially those is going to be checking this out for on demand and on downloads. Definitely sound off loved. No you guys had thought. But that's pretty much ron nutshell. So let's talk about some of these. Wwe releases that came about Over the weekend pretty Pretty shocking Where do you guys want to start guys. Wanna start with bray wyatt or do you guys wanna start with the nature boy ric flair. I'll leave that up for you guys to decide. I'll buy you guys about two minutes. So i see that we got some folks this to an end alive right now. So you're hearing this. This is your part of the show right now where i encourage you to be interactive and post something into chat you know you wanna go with ric flair first or you wanna go with bray. Wipe i and we'll kind of go with the majority from there Wall on buying you guys a little bit of time. I do kylie give you guys reminder that we are now just about three weeks away let me look at the calendar here actually no two weeks and a half Away well let me look here. So let's see two about two weeks and a half away from awesome con. Twenty twenty wine is going to be going down at the nation's capital in washington dc. I'm going to be returning there once. Again where i will Be covering awesome kong as part of the press media and also this year for the first time ever and my Ah lustrous career That's continuing the bill bill. Bill bill build doing something really cool for the very first time Actually gonna be moderating a panel. And i'm gonna be teaming up with my good friends and anthony missionary thomas from wrestling soup. Shot up wrestling soup. Make.

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