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Like it. Do you know what song is that. Who jessica guitar hero for sure. Back in. Our house like throwback style just just very sweaty tomboy playing some Allman brothers eat a peach long. The grateful dead though ironically. Bad light brennan. I always thought it'd be survive. Could the internet will tell us how many times that we're all collectively like. Yeah that is the allman brothers. Absolutely sure and then the internet's like no that was leonard jemaine depre- or something wait totally not also so death that was mantell jorda like you guys are so red. Kyle did you say jessica. Yes so yeah. No it's melissa. Oh sweet moon ethridge really. I don't know all right. Whatever i would. Now anyways allman brothers pops setting the mood sediment. Yeah so then. I decide i decide. It's not the right track. It's not the right track though. I said quickly they they're coming in. I was like alexa. Play miles davis and then and then it went down lexus. Confused you kind of all over the place and then the whole thing after that was this like fucking wild ass. Miles davis track. That just like was insane. I'd never heard distract before. Do you know the track. I don't know the track but it was. You know it's like roundabout midnight where it's just like he starts to go nuts on some shit and it's like wow. This is the score to get your vas difference cut out too bizarre to set the mood. What what. We're imagining pretty sexy woman. How was this woman. Carl that manhandled your cock. I don't know i don't wanna do this. Let's talk about. This is a professional person. I felt safe now. You felt you felt safe. I felt say old. Was this woman that manhandled your cock. No idea sixty six year old has all adams making this experienced and she's flipping and flopping your cock around did you get any kind of a job or it was too much it was too sterile of environment not it was very sterile very safe. There was a job to happen. It was fear boehner direction. Nothing nothing owner no reaction. I will say i did glance to make sure but nothing because it was so cold. I could barely feel my dick. It was so called. This iodine was freezing. They know what they're doing was was their hands cold. The hands recalled everything about it was cold. There was not a warm part of this whole situation. It was all call now. You think they would want a hot hot out or no hear me. What do let's get one and hot so they could stretch the skin a little more a kyle. You would think they would want this. I would. yeah you're right. I think everything's everything kinda ronca up it's harder to work with shrunk. It's hard to get in there. You're kind of cutting zig zagging. i don't want to. I actually think the cold is is is set up for a reason because it constricts everything so that they're not making wrong. Incisions or like following around the vein. You know what i mean. Well we go up in your body. When they're cold they're gonna get close to the to the unit maintain the in their warm and loose. They got some slack. Yeah but that's your balls. Your vast difference stays closer to the surface. And that's what i think. Where is that. where is the boss is different. There's two tubes. They had to make two incisions. It's in that side of a nut sack so on. Either side of the nut sack. So is that through the butter. Not yeah not through the but they did not have to go up through the but like previously thought but they did anyway. I asked him if they could and they say we can't shave back. Did i did get it. While this was the one time i got involved did challenge them just to see if they could go in through the through the anal cavity heinous. They said no so okay. Who's in there. It's just me and the on the bed. Some just moved. Oh that's me. Oh you're saying who's in his room right now. I thought you were saying though. Shadow a shadow of most probably. This is probably my leg. 'cause i got no pants on. I got a fucking stocks drop. You don't move your leg data going to rip the scene. Yeah you're going to rip dude. You forgot jockstrap. Did you wanna throw a plug dude. I forgot my jock strap. But i figured it was all good because i was rocking saks. Underwear essay ex ex and they have a little cup for the nuts and talked doctor about it and he was pretty pumped about it. Not a sponsor the pop but we would love him. Yeah come on over so yeah yeah we got some okay so to set them setting the mood. Yeah pretty hot. Sixty year old came in manual. Your cock swept it around. They left in a very professional very professional manha well. They're still in the room actually she. She's in the room the whole okay. She's there to to check it out to observe in the corner plan playing with so yeah to peeping tom. That's incredible go. let's go okay. And then the doctor comes in a male doctor male doctor dr male doctor and i've met him before okay. Strong strong hands. He dumps i dine all over. No she did okay. Recklessly like the photos you sent like the it was everywhere like without abandoned was a big big dump. It looked like a sloppy mess. But i think that's just kyle's dick into why the nut sack itself is like bulbous right so it's just like a fucking. It's like a preach like when you feel like hot water. Was something like that bag. Mom put shit like underneath the hot water bottles. Adduce yeah and that's a douche. Speak our when your mom would shelf that up. You're right now. Is that why the top of its shaped like that the top of what you dick none of the top of a hot water bottles kind of Long i guess you could say philip water and then douche. I don't think that has anything to do. I think that's for people with back pains. Don't think that's like an anal sex thing to blake's dm's if you've ever used it for that slide giving yourself a rubber. Among what did they give to numb. They have to phnom the peanut so so doctor comes in. Yeah so doc. Dr comes in he says i doing. I am find he. He gets another napkin on it. And pulls just my nuts through a little hole right and so that's now operating zone. That's when i come to so little it's a it's a glory coal basically it's basically a glory hole. Yes and they're pulling nuts through and then that's what he's working on game. I like it like that for sure. He was like. Hey buddy. how's it going. What do you do again. I was like oh. I'm a director film. And he's like oh right Should've said i'm a pianist model and really and then he's like he proceeds you know stab me with the red inject me with the local anesthetic on one side of my nuts and like and that fucking her. How long is the needle. Dc the needle. Like this is when i was like. Oh no i'm so scared about this right now. I didn't look at the needle. But it as the needle. I don't i don't know i didn't look dude. I was straight up. And i just looked well. How much would you venture to say seven inches eight inches inches so three times the size of your car. Good bye and he put that in your butthole. I asked him to. He went straight into the into the sack. I'm sorry that's okay god man. I don't know how big was but the pain went all the way up to like above my belly button. It was like it went all the way up to above my fucking belly button injured ribs into my ribs and it was like wake. You're getting kicked in the nuts constantly.

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