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To you by abbey. The biggest stories on the south coast from the WBZ newsroom. Beers chin Phillips. He's WB SM sixty four degrees and writing a spokesperson for the FBI says is nothing new to report today regarding the investigation into coke is associates agents. Rated locations yesterday in Warwick, Rhode Island and at fifty one state road. And Dartmouth a spokesperson says they were carrying out court ordered activity NBC ten reported. The agents were wearing office of inspector general jackets and leaving the building with boxes in their hands. Coke I associate and I helped vision center, Dr part of the Claris vision group of centers to Massachusetts men who alleged they were sexually abused. By a Roman Catholic priest have each received two hundred thousand dollars in settlements. Their attorney Mitchell Garabedian announced the settlements this week the Cape Cod. Times reports. The lawsuit was filed in June two thousand fifteen by two men who had been Alder servers at Saint Anthony's parish and foulmouthed from the late nineteen seventies until mid nineteen eighty s their lawsuit named Daniel Cronin. The retired Bishop of the diocese of Fall River the suit alleged that Cronin knew or should have known that Reverend MAURICE Sousa was abusing the boys. Sousa died in one thousand nine hundred ninety six at the age of eighty three as part of the settlement Cronin. Neither admitted on nor denied that Susan molested the boys police say lift driver has helped rescue a two year old girl who was found wandering outside without shoes. In freezing temperatures in Massachusetts. Authorities say the drivers spotted the girl at about three A AM and Worcester on Wednesday after dropping off a fare the driver brought the girl who was apartment. Call police would then have the child taken to a hospital for evaluation. Considerations to reopen the bidding process for a casino license and southeastern Massachusetts being put on hold for the time being the Massachusetts gaming commission decided today to delay discussions on reopening the bidding process citing a new chair woman who is not yet settled into a role. Governor Charlie Baker appointed Kathy Judge Stein to the chairwoman position last week. She officially began serving in that role on February fourth WBZ news time now four zero five. Your.

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