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Means one the only gains you mean missed things he cool it's john gibson so the media screams and you know it's we want to see trump's taxes they finally get a glimpse of one year and say add to nothing bird was it enough denver because he paid twenty four percent taxes so there's no scandal so must be another total eight seven eight eight nine nine one zero you want to see trump's taxes you think we should see them going to me now joe contra media reporter as for the here all check out the hill in its though he'll dot com online so joe i didn't get swept up in the matteau madness last night when she started tweeting that she had trump's taxes as if she had them all i like about seven thirty did you oh there either you know i am at new or did you you could continue yeah okay so i have to play the on a solo phones practice i get and and as the question again i didn't get caught up in rachel matteau high beane that she had trump's taxes imply and she had them all starting at seven thirty last night and then you know finally going on the year at nine o'clock and not getting rounded showing what's he had till nine twenty i just wondering if you were a following that closely and what you thought was going on wall of the tit twitter world was exploding oh yeah when i was in a car away to part actually did you tucker karlsson show when i thought that break and the my first button this is on twitter so this is an twenty twenty hindsight expect whatever at the time was you know to expand gun earlier point it if quite so matt now had tons tax returns you're not known you're not waiting until nine o'clock to go.

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