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On the wrestling team that Kim Alaska they all were going down that path or the shot to fast forward, you know, to from there all of this out of the night eating fatal one of the city of tapping off attorney, and it's it's amazing not done yet. But I mean, that's gotta be enough dental. I don't know if any night get better than that in my other day too. You did it in thirty five seconds sim. You did what fate or did the Tim silver? He hit him with a left hook as well about ten years ago. I I wouldn't say his punch lot of people throw left hooks. But like le- left hook early in a fight that can drop someone that that's his now. Also, Cox the right hand and new you were cognizant of that. But still I mean, this is just looking back at your career. Pretty incredible. What you've been able to do. Thank you with him. You know that right hand offs gains. Throws looks heavy hand. We're kinda willing to get in there and make him almost making fight like he fought chill. And 'cause we we thought that would just benefit me, you know, getting him tired, and and taking the second round or whatever. But you know, types that right hand tell you lows from his hip, you know, but at the same time, he's expose all the time. You know? And so we we're working on that push in the back. I mean, I would say fifty percent of the time. I was I was so in timing that you know in the locker room for walked out. So it just happened to be the first punch down. You are at the palms after you beat Eliot Marshall and sorry, it wasn't Eliot Marshall was Vinnie. And I asked you I asked you. Yeah. It was up to you became the tough champion. I asked you, by the way, go would you ever do one eighty five? I'm just curious. He said hell, no. That would be too much. And I never asked you this. But I have a feeling that on that night of what said whichever heavyweight you probably said hell knows guys are too big. I don't know. Maybe maybe not. But but it's incredible. How you know? The light heavyweights like king. Mo he's a good friend of ours. And he's got like a twelve one record heavyweight or or twelve and two or something like that. He's done pretty good. It's amazing. How if you got the right skill set? The size was extra forty pounds. Just may not come into play at all. I think sung enough with the big big guys. You know, obviously quick in end. I feel like have big cardio at light heavyweight. Let alone heavyweight, you know, with I light heavyweight guys a little faster The job. job up here. I feel like that's a little five more complete fighters you, then obviously, you know, you run into stuff everywhere. But yeah, great. No, wait, let like I didn't actively go out and trying to put a bunch of muscle on especially for this right with eight or he's overly big. We wanted to be able to go around hard. If need be, you know, so I'm enjoying it. So, you know, we'll see what's next. It was built on a lot. And see kind of where I go. What do you want to be next? What if they go? Well, what do you want to do? What would you tone? I wanna get paid. We have free agent. Now, I'm getting close. So, you know. And you do a new deal. And and you know, they make me happy and all I'll do whatever they want. You don't want me shit heavyweight or whatnot? So that's kind of where I'm having a great time adults or got to, you know, come over and fight a medicine Square Garden and win the belt. And then they asked me to do this tournament. We said yes and here with both belts now. And it's a good time. And and, you know, wanna stay here. But you know, we're going to get with them and figure it out. I hope they pay you, man. You might be the Bill or goat right now seriously in their history. We've covered them pretty good. Just like we do all the other promotions..

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