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But you might have something that might make money. Yeah. Because my mother I have some another's carry KOMO ones. Like that. It totally depends on the condition and how they sound. But if you got everything's in good, if you've got the the jackets and all of that stuff. Get with somebody and doggone it, if you could get on the internet. I just say send me a list, and I'll I'll look it up for you. But they're whatever record. You have somebody somewhere is trying to sell that record on the internet, and that will give you a ballpark figure. Now, here's how it works just like musical instruments. If you walk in with a guitar that you paid one hundred bucks for they're going to give you have of what they can sell it for. And it's the same thing with the records that record may have cost you ten dollars. If they're going to try and sell that record for two dollars because it's an old used record. They're going to sell it for two they're going to give you seventy five cents. Back in the sixties records aren't that expensive? Right. Well, but it's all about what the record is. And there's records that are collectible just because a weird stuff. Maybe it was a mistake on a sleeve, maybe it was a different color jacket. But that information is all bailable on the internet. All right. I tell you what sit down and make a list, I'm on a week from tonight. You call me back, and we'll get ballista put together the best most noteworthy stuff. I'll look it up for you. Okay. And you get a list together between now. Well, you know, what just best? Oh, lord. I know I know. And I when I when you start talking about these records on well, maybe I could you know, see what I could do with them. Well, I have to get rid of. I can't you know, can't take them with you. I understand that. Well, we'll get it worked out worst case scenario Ruthie. You donate them. But I would take the time to go through and see if there's something in there. That's not just a record at something collectible for whatever reason because that's always possible. Okay. Okay. Now, you get in touch with me next week have your list. Z I hate technology. But right now Ruthie had the internet, Sean Toronto. How you doing man? Hanging under man the side of the green hanging in there. I knew something was up. I had heard from you in a while for those of you that don't know Sean calls, Sean has has been in the hospital and everything's groovy. And forward we go, right? Hopefully. One step at a time. Yeah. It's what's up beside. You added the hospital. Thank goodness..

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