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I i understand it to to kind of fit in he was given an opportunity to play important minutes with you know on that top line and i just never saw anything like i was like put follow back there because he he made that line go like reader just write it just didn't work i don't know if i follow the first line pardon me i don't think he is nine goals which you and that's not against him but i i but bringing coble tar and brown loved playing you could tell he's a puck hawk i mean not hog as a puck hawk yeah where he yeah he really he he there that line i thought was more effective with him on there without a doubt why thought he was like the opposite of reader where he really he was around the park yeah oh yeah he would not lose a battle but you know when you're talking first line you know bring on the goals ain't gonna work ilya come on in yeah which will be interesting to see his acclamation you know he hasn't been the nhl for five years you know russia's acclamation from what standpoint the speed of the game is different it's different you know he left the league when i'm not picking on this player but you know when dwight king was a valuable no i mean do i can't help guess two cups right much love but like their favorite young yeah they're all often too for better or worse but like i don't know if dwight king even playing the league anymore but i i wouldn't i understand what you're saying but i think that all trust rob blake and and their staff hundred or so heavily scouted him and feel confident enough and look there were enough teams that wanted this guy so there's gotta be you know despite you know you can talk about the fact of the competition is not nhl caliber that he played against but when they watched what he was still able to do out there hey look you know i talked to cope atar after the deal and he was like he he was he was excited for it and said they look i i'm i'm hoping this guy can score twentyfive for us but definitely you know you have to be excited again they're trying to find a way to oh absolutely i mean i there was another russian though that is not coming back if you wanna get into that voinov yeah i absolutely do because it's kind of i know we talked about this on king's around table which i think is coming back you know so be on the lookout for that the mayor john hoven dense bernstein brian slagelse myself mr davis this is a streamlined version this is like the new rat with just the singer and the base fire it gets into that you know gray area of the law well my understand was a year ago the kings would have brought him back really and then the metoo movement happened and that changed everything and it's tough i mean it's like i'm a and i think we talked about this on the table when it was my turn i'm a huge pittsburgh steeler fan rothlisberger got hurt we brought in michael vick and jesus manam huge dog lover and like michael vick killed five dogs with his own hands in the technical sense he he paid his debt he went to jail he can help the steelers because he's very high q quarterback and you know as i play as a steeler threw an eighty yard touchdown pass antonio brown i'm like you know he's paying dues well look i and i don't know my feeling is is that we don't know since he went to russia we don't know he didn't serve jail time right you know his his punishment was he's not able to play in the nhl i.

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