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I just love the look and and i find it so elegant but sexy at the same time you know that that era of the zoom lar and i also when i was a few years ago when i first watched basic instinct. I was super super obsessed. And i'll end. I took inspiration From from her looks from from sharon stone her rebecca. Yeah the i mean the way. She dressed the way. She held her cigarette. It was like she stood from the nineteen forties into today. It was really really nicely. Done the scene at a diner was one of my favorite scenes with her awesome. Yeah that was really well done. I really enjoyed that she. That's local so your dad. Plays tony crews and you know he's i like characters that are flawed. Because we're all flawed. Nobody's perfect and but he has you know he has a problem at stems from his childhood and he has to deal with that and it actually ends up costing him his job as an fbi agent so when you both were writing this did you kind of go back and forth as to what he you know his flaws were going to be. And and the process of kind of discussed the process of shaping who tony cruise ended up being. Yeah well for us. We really wanted this person to have a lot of guilt you know and also at the same time. We wanted tony to to besides having guilt to be very obsessive person. You know like very like if he doesn't do it or he he doesn't get it. He's not going to be okay. Never that can become a flaw. You know what when you're obsessed something or with something they can really damage your life and Also besides that we we wanted to give you more of a psychological aspect twit of because this syracuse to kerr the sister right so and also after witnessing such tragic events of the murder of his mother and spending time by himself for for period of time in the dark we. We knew that that was during ferdinand. Because what's going to happen like you can recover very fast from being by yourself three days in hospital so so we we. We searched. We did do a lot of research and and encounter that needs to kobe right which side any rational fear of the dark and didn't anyone it can which is insane and so so we decided to play with this and also showed that you know like he was able to recover from it but the second he sought a person that he's been waiting for the fines. It came back. Yeah it warmed my heart to see salva blair. It really did see her working again. I thought that was awesome to see her afterward..

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