Spacex, Russia, President Trump discussed on Sports Overnight with Dino Costa


Position chief financial officer, Allan weasel Burke, as part of the Democrats rapidly expanding Russia investigation on ABC's this week Sunday. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said democratic leaders are desperate are determined to impeach the president in this process to be impeached show me where the president did anything to be impeached. The other thing you have to listen to what Matt Lauer said Nadler setting the framework now that the Democrats are not to believe the molar report in a tweet on Sunday. President Trump lasted a new the Russia investigation calling it a partisan probe unfairly aimed at discrediting his win in the two thousand sixteen presidential election. Spacex is crew new crew capsule ride at the international space station. Sunday morning acing its second milestone just over a day. Taking hard capture. And with that SpaceX dragon capsule became the first American made designed for crew spacecraft to pull up to the international space station in eight years. Dragon. Dr Thomas sleeping instead of relying on the station's robot arm for how you're going to procedure hours later, the hatch. Swung open and the astronauts wearing oxygen masks and hoods floated inside to take air sample recommend that you set up the detectors if the six day demo continues to go. Well, SpaceX could launch to astronauts this summer dragon will remain at the space station until Friday when it undocked and aims for splashdown in the Atlantic. I'm Ben Thomas sacked to school in Oakland, California after teachers to Sunday voted to approve a contract deal with district officials they'd been out.

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