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Market basketball game it was because everything's all about television nowadays the game start eight o'clock yeah because you know you have right they have to start sixteen game start eight which means it actually starts about eight fifteen because their first game always runs a little long so we don't get out of the game until after ten and we we take a shuttle from a place and so I I'm I'm on the freeway come going northbound I. forty three going north bound and ten thirty ten forty five and all of a sudden the freeway is down to one lane there's all the signs up saying okay to two left lanes closed and so I admit it starts about Keefe Avenue and it's like two lanes close to your we're we're crawling in a traffic jam at ten forty five or eleven o'clock at night and I I'm just I did I'm I'm kind of tired and little bit cranky and you might find that hard to believe that tired well you know you just you just kind of want to get home and I'm I am driving and so the two left lanes are blocked but there's there's no work going on so you you go to Keith and the lanes are blocked in your capital and and the lanes are blocked and I'm not and that's the if the work going on and I'm like okay we're we're these workers and starting to crumble and my my wife is saying just just relax calm down if this could be a radio story until we get up to over over the bridge between like capital in Hampton there and there's like these three big trucks and I don't see guys but I'm I'm keep trying to keep my eyes the road and my wife says no I wonder what they're doing because they got this big machine out and they've got like this looks well looks like it's a big hole in in the the the road going huh that's nice I got home I checked this out and apparently what happened is they had to do emergency repairs I'd like to the poor rich or something like that emergency repairs I'm thinking okay well never mind I'm not going I guess that's it that's a good enough excuse the close the freeway because apparently from like tenable five in the morning they they had a they had a close neighbors they were they were drilling into something or whatever but I'm thinking okay last thing I want is some like giant single I don't know what it was but something to develop that you know you fall through if you're going over you know that that bridge it's up there and stuff ray so all right so I all my bad thoughts that I did not voice on the radio but I all the bad thoughts in a hostile stuff I felt with the department of transportation what are they doing close in these two lanes of traffic your inconvenience in may I just I I apologize for all those bad thoughts in I am glad that I'm glad things are safe so that's it I've I I I have learned so I'm I'm I'm calmer I better we ended up ultimately getting home of course you know market one last night so that was a that was a good situation all right well the secret is out right they have now disclose it no we we don't know if they're going to change the name of the out of the restaurant you know Fridays from the the dumb name that they came up with to replace Fridays but we do know that is it restaurant could be named later right that they're gonna call it later yeah okay which might be one of the most effective they really stick with that that's one of the most genuinely stupid names for a a restaurant ever I'd convinced that yet you throw in you take a bunch of people you throw in a whole bunch of beer and you let him come up with the name and that's that's what they come up with so later all right yeah it's a it's like a player to be named later so I I I I understand the thought it's just it's dumb I mean it's it's it's it's just it's just flat out dumb no it's not it's not market gold gone now for people who for people might not remember market decided they were going to change their their nickname because you know warriors they decide it was offensive and then there was resistance to golden eagle so they got all these high powered people together including PR folks together and the best they could come up with was Marquette golden out of course lasted well not necessarily that long in a race that boy that was dumb so I don't know if the restaurant later is is as bad as market cold but it's it's it's kind of up there in any event the everybody knows right now that the the naming rights deal that Miller brewing had with the the brewers expires after next year and people might not be familiar with what was going on behind the scenes the truth of the matter is still Miller Miller corners all the different incarnations it's going through and all the different changes and all the different takeovers of going on the truth is Miller did not want to pay the money and what it would cost to renew the naming rights that that's just that's just kind of the reality of this and I understand it's all sorts of people out there who survive I want I wish it was always Miller park it is always going to be Miller park well okay actually what happened is American family I think really bailed out a lot of people because they stepped up in a big way we don't know the terms they're not releasing the terms of the deal but American family agreed to take over aid for similar al Miller didn't want to keep the naming rights they didn't want to spend the money to do it so American family comes in and actually I I know there was all this you know hostility being directed towards American family and American family they're the good guys in this because they came in and again they they took over the naming rights presumably spent a ton of money when otherwise there would be a vacuum on this so the question's been what what were we going to call what is currently Miller park what were we going to call it after next season and it was announced yesterday that the name of the stadium is going to be American family field that will begin well January first of next year so you know people have a little bit of a chance to get used to it so American family field we'll be the name of this nothing more complicated than that and you've got the alliteration American family field you know the the two S. right one six eight five five six one six one six twenty that is the accurate mortgage talk and text line will you accept the new name or are people going to be referring to the stadium soon to be American family field is it going to be Miller park in the minds of people for decades to come our number eight five five six one six one six twenty it's yet it mortgage talking text line I actually think that the name change is going to be easier and more accepted than a lot of people think I know right now because it's been the only name that the stadium has had since its inception if people can't think of the stadium is being anything other than Miller park I understand there's also always been a a good relationship in a good symmetry between okay Miller brewing the stadium is located kind of by the Miller valley so it it's made sense it was a natural partnership the candidly you know my guess is my guess is within the first year people are going to accept the fact that it's American family field and that's what they're going to be referring to it as that is my sense will you be accepting and more importantly how do you think the public will accept this will will be still talking thirty or forty years from now about how it's Miller park my answer would be no all right eight five five six one six one six twenty that the accurate mortgage talking text line crews lining up the.

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