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Destination not to get my first question Richard you remember what it was about the something to do with a national treasure the movie national treasure and the da Vinci code he also mentioned the Vinci code all right that is so so the division code added to the back to the same question a wheel what was what was the treasure was it something spiritual or what the something physical my sense of it is when you're talking about the holy grail that is something spiritual as opposed to something physically it is something that some kind of knowledge or secret that's my sense of what it's always been more than what Hitler believe which was some kind of magical as an object of some kind and we thought it was a metaphysical type thing a spiritual secret more than something substantive well there's actually a chalice of the holy grail in Hitler got his hands on it I like to think that his just like in them the raiders of the Lost circumstance we just melts the moment he he clasped it in is is filthy paws let's say hi to Jeff in Sonora California west of the Rockies Jeff good morning good evening welcome to coast to coast AM fascinating subject growing and I was on the picture Mr Brody ran a little bit about a few topics maybe knows about him since he's written so many novels would you happen to know more detail about the hope fixed and its relation and dating back to Akhnaton well so you're talking about the alters research and I'm very familiar with it and and and and you know Scott makes a point in in his book which I believe is entitled Akhenaton and hopped excited but I have a not exactly right but the the the hook in the the how can flail the park as well sorry that that we see often times for trade in in a Gyptian iconography looks a little like the whole taxes Scott Scott traces the heart that's all the way back to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt at one point Jesus study there in the Scott sort of place connect the dots with that hope that going all the way back to the ancient mystery school earlier I talked about the Duke of Burgundy being part of a sort of continue one of of members of society wealthy members of society who investigated and were students of the mystery schools.

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