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It's run a radio a he is Carlene I'm Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I so there you go that political article that started this entire discussion and that is on the the fact that Bloomberg is already preparing his whole strategy is based on a brokered convention by and Bernie getting the the most votes and already early on this early on and you know trying to influence people insane you know I'm I'm the best choice you made a great point we we're gonna know about a brokered convention yeah for weeks ahead of the convention itself exactly heck you could you could look at because if if by that time if you get you get beyond you get to the end of March role will start saying some of the data coming in on polls on in New York I mean that's that's I think the last big state one of the last big states so are you we could we could know for a couple months and I know and that will be the story I know what I mean because now the media is going to be in Tom presses face do what are you gonna do I'll just saw everybody knows all of our listeners know our Eric already last week checked to make sure that when the Democrat convention is on that week it is summertime that we're not offer that we will not be getting that get it she will not be on a case worker you know like will not cabinets that you will not miss that we can give we can actually missed the Republic we're not I I don't believe we are in but we we could miss the Republican convention in would be right because we know what the result of that's going to be right right exactly there is though but we we will miss that week either so now but there you wow yeah can you all met can you imagine the the insanity if if that happens in here's the thing it's not as if is it remember brokered convention was even being talked about at this time with with that with trump and remember back that yeah yeah yeah yeah and and of course it it didn't happen but this is actually it keeps the odds keep increasing based on the number of people that are still left that may be left that will be looked left we believe all the way through super Tuesday and then all the way through March yeah and again could change if everybody drops out in its Bloomberg and just out of you know Bob after super Tuesday images Bloomberg and Sanders yeah is that likely to happen no it's not I'm gonna pull out no Biden's not gonna pull out I don't think warns gonna pull up I don't think mayor Pete's gonna pull out because mayor Pete's get money you stay in it you stay in it through March anyway because there's there are other contests March is a huge let's see if see if I can pull that up I mean it's a ton of a super Tuesday has thirteen hundred and fifty seven delegates up for grabs the rest of March March fourth through the thirty first has another nearly eleven hundred a thousand and ninety one and then beyond that it's like twelve hundred and seventy between April through the end of June so your did she it's quite possible we will know what the end of March because we'll start seeing some polls are now under.

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