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Nineteen forty six the same time the flamingo was opening and lasky was there and And all of the other heads of the mob and lansky and luckily who's head of the american mafia or very close from the time they were kids ano- when luchino tried to have his gang steal Landscapes lunch money as a kid and lasky brought back. He got beat up but he fought back in so Louisiana saw something special tim so they became friends for life after that and they were the ones who combined called the combination the jews and the italians they were the ones are putting together 'cause sicilians and italians never wanted to mix with anybody way so yeah back. They talked about that in the godfather movies. They show how while one of the sons was like half irish and he was seen as like. You know like a lieutenant. He could never really be on the inside because he wasn't a full blooded sicilian fingers Yeah but but yeah. I mean and the families are very tight you know. It's like the old saying. Keep your keep your friends close and your enemies closer by strike surrogate whereas the jewish mobsters. I don't know they. They kind of were second fiddle to the italian sauces in the united states and they often played roles of like Kind of quarriers and and You know they would carry messages and they would perform services. I mean my alaska legalism accountant. No you're you're going on a wrong track okay. were separate. they were separate they. Didn't they didn't curry curry for anyone but themselves. And they did call. Meyer lansky the mob accountant. And they call the mob auditor. He went behind landscape to make sure everything was correct. Seaside way was very quiet introspective person he was not a killer at heart and he never personally killed anyone although he did hire murder inc to kill. Somebody wants and seagull but his participation in that as a wedding gift to subway who singles of course. Yeah it was a killer. Absolutely and he. He enjoyed it. He would go out of his way to be part of the group and of killers and it didn't matter if it was by himself or with a group to handle the deal was barred people. Absolutely there's nothing glamorous about him we're not talking about. I think it was Recently the late f. Lee bailey who I interview before. He passed away a couple of years ago and he represented barboza was one of the most vicious killers and arable horrible man and he was asked at went barbosa diet. He's a reporter. Asked him how he felt about it and he goes you know our society is no worse for wear without him around and he's a anyways but What happened to segue in at the end. Well unusual that Segue died of natural causes. He was killed by anybody. But the reason siegel was killed was because he threatened the life of our subway. Yeah well i mean. I would think that seagal would have been savvy enough to know that that would have been doubt sentence but maybe he had become so full of himself that it didn't with got his beyond that we'll it's more than that. He knew there was a death sentence when he refused to Payback any the flamingo that he had borrowed even to make the first payment when they started becoming successful in the hotel. He's up pay him up pam. You know i get around to it..

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