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Shahu from beyond the trance on the German label Ross and before that from Molly D'amoto Duar, I did clandestine from her Tanu EP that does not appear on the full album canoe. It live version only appears on the EP which was out an oral circuit and before that Madison's own tiny Jackie did Cameron Ghani from Dolon con onto Suma very fine CD, and you can see him playing all around Madison. Just check the local paper and keep your eyes open and tiny place quite a bit. And before that we start off the set with bicycle karate and his band. Goni by doing Mustafa from John McCall out here records, and he'll be here March eighth with Habib Kuwata at the Wisconsin union theater and tickets are available for that event before I play the announcements here. I also want to pick up an event that overlooked that's in calendar folder down here. Josh hardy is going to be performing on a Saturday. This Saturday starting at seven pm. This is a Black Hawk folk dot org event to be held at the Mountain View community center in thirty one thirty seven twenty first link which is just off highway one fifty two south of mount Morris wanted to get that in there. They know who pledge drive comes around. I always got listeners down in the bully Janesville Rockford right along the border there. So keep them in touch with what's going on with music down in that part of the state, anyways, I've got a couple of brief announcements here. And then I'll be right back. Monday, seven PM on the access. Our come experience. The Danish wellness and comfort. We'll get you out of the house exploring your surroundings. Refresh pair of eyes relaxed feeling of.

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