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Show. Yeah. And like I know united, mention it if you ever need the tie breaking vote for some time, I'm still open to that. Okay? This is good in the bylaws because we almost called you for virtual basketball here shouting down. You wanna play virtual about school, Donnie? Well, that's good. So should we ever need A tie breaking vote when we do our bent as we did a couple weeks ago during our bedtime feature, Sometimes it Z going to know we can still call will call you for a what we have deemed in term. The Tibet tiebreaker. Well, look, I congratulations. Thank you. It's a bit of a step up there. I say. I mean, the prime morning drive shift will be a new challenge. Um Thanks for everything. You contributed to our show on it off the air, the whole eternity on the air, The news factor and the news quality on the air as well and then having fun with us about your wedding and all things like that, and Every once in while we may check in with you. I'm open to it. And if you want to reach Tony, don't call him after eight o'clock moving for there you go. And we called him Tony Bedrock. I don't have anybody were picked up on that because one time When you were out you had a little shoulder surgery. And you were out for, like, three weeks. Right? It wasn't Yeah. Oh, wow. And all of a sudden as people tend to do when they don't hear radio voice ago, they fired. You know that vacation there like what happened someone, so they took us on vacation. People in radio Take vacations. It's fine. It's okay. And all of a sudden I look over at the text screen and somebody simply texted in maybe the type o, but I don't think so. Whatever happened to Tony Bedrock? And.

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